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  1. Dam I keep going in and out of top 100. it was a goal for me to be top 100 so we will see if i get it! But either way for my first time doing folding full time (having my systems running 24/7 for a while) this is pretty good. Keep going everyone you are almost there! And HUGE thanks to GOTSpectrum and the others helping to make this possible. This awesome event wouldn't be possible without you!
  2. Everyone talks about drink of the day. I'm a teen so I cant do alcohol. So here is a little simple fruit punch i made today for anyone who is interested: 2 parts Hawaiian punch (the juice stuff that comes in a big ol' bottle) 1 part ginger-ale a little under one part, around 3/4 or so pineapple juice. Has a nice fruit punch but with a nice kick from the pineapple and a light fizz from the soda. If anyone actually tries it let me know Happy folding anyone! Hope you are all well/safe! And i wanna give a special thanks for all the people behind the sense who are doing things like keeping track of the numbers, keeping servers going, or working on their rigs to help the cause. All of you make things like this possible and you do it all to help the research F@H does. Special thank you
  3. Holy crud top 100! Its crazy how much power i had laying around that i could be helping with! To everyone reading this: I hope you are staying safe, washing your hands, and that everyone you know is safe and doing the same. It doesn't matter where you are on the ranks. The fact that you are willing to put some of your power toward the cause is amazing. Thankyou to all the amazing people participating in this even, and all the people risking getting infected and helping people. Hope you all have a nice and safe day.
  4. top 200! Thats awesome for 2 gaming machines running in the background. Having trouble getting WUs though, i check on them whenever i can and only around %30 of the time do they have WUs going/finishing. Wish i started right on the first day and not halfway through the 2nd day. I would be more ahead. But hey still 2 weeks to go! Good luck to everyone, and I hope we are helping the cause!
  5. Update: Sorry i know i already commented on this post. But i was watching todays WAN show and they talk about it there: at 51:50 They say that they are following all recommendations and will continue to follow and give updates as time goes on. It is still 5 months out so we are not sure if it will be fine, or if it will be bad.
  6. This is kind of just a stupid little question that probably has an easy answer somewhere on the website. But i was buying tickets for LTX and there is an option for the merch pack. I was just wondering if it would be available AT the event. Like could i buy it at thee door? The wording on the website made it seem as so. But i wanted to clarify. Sorry if this is stated somewhere.
  7. I don't really have any more information then you at the moment. But just one thing i saw on the website at the bottom where you guy tickets it says "In the case of an event cancellation without a rescheduled date, a full refund will be automatically issued to each patron on the credit card used to purchase." I don't think this is directly put there because of this situation. But its just something i saw. So at least if it comes to the worst. If the event is full on canceled, at least their will be a refund. I don't know if this has anything to do with the information you were looking for. But hey its a thing.
  8. Thanks! I'm over 13 so i may not even need a chaperone, and its nice to know they can follow me into the BYOC. I appreciate the quick replay and information! Have a nice day/night
  9. So I'm a teen, and i'm trying to attend LTX this year. I'm working out tickets/prices and all that right now and I came up to an important question. I was wondering about the rules for someone like a chaperone coming around with me to things like the BYOC and Office tour. For example, i'm going to see if i can participate in the BYOC, so that would require a BYOC ticket for entry. But then, for the person taking me to come in and simply just watch me (they are not super interested in computer/tech things in the first place), would they also require a pass to just enter? I don't want to buy a pass and take up a seat for someone else who may want to participate. This also applies to something like the office tour. I want to do it, but the person i'm with probably doesn't care. I'm less confused on this one though as i expect that its one ticket per person no matter what. In that case, would i be able to go through the tour alone and just wait for my adult outside. I would like to note that I am aware that the person coming with me would have a ticket to LTX for the floor... Just in case that is not implied. I want to make sure i'm following all rules and are prepared for the things i want to do. I apologies if this is not the right place to ask this, this isn't formatted properly, ex.
  10. So I often switch between more than one computer. I have my laptop and my more powerful desk top as well as another PC i use sometimes for testing. I now use both around the same amount and have began to run into an issue, file differences. When i first built my PC i simply copied all the files from my laptop on to the PC and it worked fine. But now that i use both. Sometimes I will go to find a file/do something on my laptop. Only to find that nope, you saved that onto your PC. Well now to find it i gotta boot up my PC (if i'm even at a point where i can), find a USB drive, put it on there and then put it onto my laptop. Is it possible to take an extra drive from my PC per say, and make it so other devices on the network can connect to it and take/put files onto it? Iv'e heard about people building PCs just for the purpose of something like media consumption. But i don't really need an entire PC, i just want a way to be able to access some files from different computers at my house. (If i'm on the go i don't expect to be able to do this.) Does anyone know anything about this or a way to do it? Sorry if the answer is obvious.
  11. Okay ill try that. And no it hasn't. Its only ever been used in this system and the same parts since its been built.
  12. Its not delidded and i have a hyper 212. Its confusing because i brought it somewhere and it worked fine. But when i brought it home it started. So if it is mounting pressure thats probably how it happened. Do you know how to fix it? Sorry if this is a noob question. But the screws are as far in as they will go it seems.
  13. So for the past few days i have been having trouble getting my system to post. Its a X170X-UD5 from Gigabyte with a i7 6700k. And every time i turn it on, it begins to boot, does a few booting codes, and settles on "55" for a bit. Then restarts itself and starts the cycle over again. I looked in the manual and 55 is some sort of RAM issue. I have a 4x8 GB kit of ddr4 2133. Ive taken it all out, tried only putting in 2 sticks. Keeping it out. And nothing is changing this cycle of restarting. Ive looked into flashing the bois.. On Gigabyte boards you need to go into the BOIS to flash. I cant even get a signal out of the Motherboard (I took the graphics card out and im plugged into integrated graphics.) I then looked into it more and tried to clear the CMOS (sorry idk if thats how you spell it.) But i look out the motherboard battery, left it for about 15 mins and put it back in. Still the same thing. I even uninstalled my air cooler, and checked the CPU/socket for any pin issues. Everything was fine and I painfully reinstalled that thing. The CPU fan is the only thing i have pulled in, along with the CPU and main power. All other IO ex. is unplugged. along with the boot SSD. I have no idea what to as ive tried every trouble shooting method i know.
  14. So in the next month im going to be building a high-end gaming, video editing, and streaming build. Im planning on putting a 3700x in it, but i hope to get a 3900x in the future due to the flexablitiy of AM4. But this got me wondering if i should start off with the 3700x, or get a 2700x on sale and upgrade to the 3900x when i can get it. This is just a general descution/ question idea. Would my performance be effected much by simply getting a 2700x over a 3700x. Or heck even a 3rd option in the 3600x with its 6 cores. Just for maybe some more context im going to put an RTX 2080 super or RTX 2080-TI, along with an SSD and other "mid-high" end components. And im still deciding between a X570 or X470 mother board but i dont think that effects much.
  15. Thanks for the help! The price isn't that different, but Neos are a bit harder to get were I am.