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  1. Apollo 16

    Intel Core i9-9900K for $30?

    Indeed that is what I thought xd
  2. I found this Intel Core i9-9900K on ebay for $30. Is it real or a scam? I feel stupid for asking
  3. I got this Graphics card from a Garage sale about a year ago and forgot about it. I recently got it out of my closet and started to look around on information about it but I couldn't find any card that looked like it. Would anyone be able to find something on it?
  4. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    I sunk in. Glad it went offsale a few hours ago. Would this be better?
  5. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    The Ram? The board comes with it's own set of hyper X ram sticks.
  6. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    I saw this Asus P5Q-EM Do DDR2 Motherboard for sale for a great price. Should I buy it and use it instead of the motherboard I have now? It would then fit into the cheaper case.
  7. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    Whoops! I forgot to say that I found one by the same brand that seemed like it would fit it nicely. A Thermaltake CA-1I3-00M1WN-00
  8. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    I won't be putting the DVD Drive into the new case so I don't need one with room for it. I am thinking about getting that corsair case but I only have $50 to spend on a case that will fit. Maybe i'll try the thermaltake case and if it doesn't fit, i'll simply return it and get the corsair case since it is almost the same as I want to spend.
  9. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    I could just throw the hard drives in the back
  10. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    Thanks so much! Here are some pictures if they are useful. There are two USB 3 ports in the front also.
  11. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    I have a Workstation Z220 CMT I believe
  12. Apollo 16

    Would it all fit?

    I recently bought an HP Workstation Z220 for $60 and I want to put everything into a nicer case since the one I have now is absolutely disgusting. I don't know much about computers, but would everything fit into the case I want to get? I am thinking of getting a Thermaltake CA-1J1-00S1NN case from Amazon but I don't know if I can fit everything in it. Can someone tell me if it is something like a universal fit or does it only hold certain types of hardware?