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  1. I am using extensions on my power supply. Would that maybe effect the power to the motherboard?
  2. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Yes I updated the bios twice to the latest release.
  3. I made a sort of post on it before but I am desperate since I cannot find anything else like this. Here is what happens: If any overclocking settings are changed such as memory speed or cpu voltage/speed my computer either sometimes does a smooth reset into a black screen with the EZ debug led on CPU (Simply draining the power fixes that problem) or it will do a weird reset where it will just pop off with the power supply clearly stopped suddenly (I know the power supply is not the problem as I have tested the system with different power supplies. I have an RM750) and i'll have to wait after it does it five times until it posts. None of the settings are saved after those two events and I have tried of overclocking apps but it just goes into the bios. Nothing works and games are running badly since my memory is stuck at 1067mhz (cl18 3200mhz 4x4gb dominator platinums) as well as the processor is running below the advertised speed.
  4. Again i've tried everything including that. It just doesn't work.
  5. Hello! I just finished my computer and I need a little help. I have an Msi B450 Mortar and it refuses to overclock anything. Every time I try setting my memory to an XMP setting or change the processor voltage in any way my computer just restarts and bunch of times and resets everything. I have 16gb of memory that is supposed to do 3200mhz though I am stuck at 2133 nomatter what AND windows only lets me use 8gb of it and the other half is just gone. Please help nothing seems to work.
  6. So I was bored and I wanted to see if I can Watercool a Via C7 cpu on my jetway itx board. What is the waterblock I should use? How would I be able to attach it? This is the board I have
  7. Turns out the power supply was bad. I decided to just replace it with my old one today and it boots normally! I can't believed it worked. Thank you so much for helping me though.
  8. It says "press ESC to enter setup" though when I press ESC it doesn't do anything.
  9. I tried it an hour ago and just did it again. All I see is a dark screen with some text in the top left showing pc information.
  10. My HP pavilion HPE posts and I can press ESC to go to a menu showing what I have though I can't do anything after that since the screen freezes. The motherboard also beeps one every few seconds about three times and then shuts off with three short beeps. I believe the short beeps at the end mean motherboard failure but I can't seem to find the problem. Does anyone know anything about this?
  11. I found pictures but nobody seems to sell it anymore. I really want to use one of these for my next system because why not. Does anyone know a store that still sells the Aerocool AeroRacer Pro case?
  12. I tried that and it didn't change anything on the keyboard. Is it supposed to change while you do it or do you need to click a save button for it to work?