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  1. Sorry I was on mobile. Another idea I had was taking off the heatsink of the dominator platinum and putting it on a completely blank memory pcb. Again, would that work or damage anything?
  2. No, no I need to use the same modules to keep the Corsair design. I just want to know if there is any way at all I can put in two modules without working.
  3. I have a specific design to my computer and only using two would ruin the whole look. Would there be any other way at to put in memory without it working?
  4. I want to have fake memory in two slots. Could I put tape over the pads on the module to restrict it from being used but still clipped into the slot? The memory being used are dominator platinums.
  5. Maybe I could tape off certain pins so to have a non working dominator platinum with the white LEDs still on. Would that work? Not exactly looking for any rgb since that would mess up the theme.
  6. So for a while now I have been using a 4x4gb dominator platinum kit rated at 3200mhz. It works but my motherboard is a complete wuss and doesn't go over 2666mhz with all four sticks but it goes to a little over 3200mhz with 2 sticks. I want to get a 2x8 or 2x16gb kit so I can reach those speeds since the games I play need it. Anyway the problem is my computer is fully water-cooled and soaked in rgb and I got the memory to match the water blocks but if I only have two modules it will always look like something Is missing in my eyes. Would I be able to convert two sticks into dummy modules with
  7. I am using extensions on my power supply. Would that maybe effect the power to the motherboard?
  8. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Yes I updated the bios twice to the latest release.
  9. I made a sort of post on it before but I am desperate since I cannot find anything else like this. Here is what happens: If any overclocking settings are changed such as memory speed or cpu voltage/speed my computer either sometimes does a smooth reset into a black screen with the EZ debug led on CPU (Simply draining the power fixes that problem) or it will do a weird reset where it will just pop off with the power supply clearly stopped suddenly (I know the power supply is not the problem as I have tested the system with different power supplies. I have an RM750) and i'll have to wait
  10. Again i've tried everything including that. It just doesn't work.
  11. Hello! I just finished my computer and I need a little help. I have an Msi B450 Mortar and it refuses to overclock anything. Every time I try setting my memory to an XMP setting or change the processor voltage in any way my computer just restarts and bunch of times and resets everything. I have 16gb of memory that is supposed to do 3200mhz though I am stuck at 2133 nomatter what AND windows only lets me use 8gb of it and the other half is just gone. Please help nothing seems to work.
  12. So I was bored and I wanted to see if I can Watercool a Via C7 cpu on my jetway itx board. What is the waterblock I should use? How would I be able to attach it? This is the board I have
  13. Turns out the power supply was bad. I decided to just replace it with my old one today and it boots normally! I can't believed it worked. Thank you so much for helping me though.
  14. It says "press ESC to enter setup" though when I press ESC it doesn't do anything.
  15. I tried it an hour ago and just did it again. All I see is a dark screen with some text in the top left showing pc information.