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  1. Just broke 4000 cinebench score on my 7940x with the ambient temperature being -15c thats about as cold as it gets in my state so i took advantage of it 


  2. Good call. I might get crazy with a bottle of isopropyl instead if thats the case.
  3. Do you think it will have a hard time evaporating out of the switches? I could inject 91% rubbing alcohol directly into the switch with a syringe i suppose.. i have 3ml and 15ml syringes in a tool kit
  4. Hey guys. This is my first post been a ltt subscriber on youtube for over a year and figured id use the forum for the first time. Keyboard: corsair k70 rapid fire so i spilled a cup of tea on my keyboard. It had some lemon juice in it, no sugar or milk. The computer was on and after the spill I immediately went to unplug it from behind the tower. As i was unplugging it it apeared to be hitting a bunch of keys at once. It ended up at the ctrl alt delete window when i unplugged it. I think everything will work once its back together but i disassembled it down to the frame and pcb. Would it be okay to wash it in the tub and let it dry for a week? Is it ok to get water inside the cherry mx switches? I inverted the board to drain the tea after the spill which is why i think the tea might have gotten in the switches and i want to wash it out. Is this a bad idea? I dont want to ruin all the switches since i think only a few might have been affected. But i also want to clean it and make it like new again since it is pretty dirty and i want to take advantage of having my keyboard disassembled lol. Thanks in advance for your suggestions