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  1. Hi guys, Quick question: for an all around pc with mid-high performance what should i pick between these 2 cpu+mobo : -Ryzen 7 2700x (313 euros) + B450 Gaming PRO Carbon AC (150 euros) = 463 euros or -Ryzen 5 2600x (205 euros) + Asrock X470 Taichi Promontory (230 euros)= 435 euros Im on budget so I was wondering if its better to have more cores on the CPU (but i will use this pc for gaming and small projects with my gopro). or it's better to invest in a better Mobo? lemme know thank you so much
  2. Anakim

    RTX 2060 VRAM

    Cause I was wondering if it was worth the money. I was looking for a gtx1070(450/500 euros) or a gtx1070ti(500/600 euros) but they're too expensive in my country so i tried to see a gtx1060(250/300 euros) or rx580(250/300 euros) so much cheaper but i was worried for the next gen games and maybe for a future upgrade to 1440p. And this rtx 2060(350/375 euros) card is right in the middle: it's cheaper than a 1070/ti but can have good performances on 1440p"ish" and for the next generation games. what you think? you have alternatives for the 2060 that can be placed between 1080p and 1440p?
  3. Anakim

    RTX 2060 VRAM

    Hi guys! I just wanted to know your opinion on the VRAM of the rtx 2060: Are 6 GB enough? will the RTX 2060 be powerful enough to provide playable performance in the next 3 years or more?
  4. Anakim

    RX580 or GTX2060?

    SSD 500 GB, and the software for rendering small projects is Fusion Studio These are the minimum requirements for the GPU for Windows and for Mac:
  5. Anakim

    Used ryzen 7 2700x??

    I was thinkin the same, but this seller is actually selling a lot of stuff on his profile (from tv to gopros,bikes,printers and other random stuff, for a total of over 30 pages of products) so im guessing that is probably a store. its pretty suspicious but i still consider to go for it as long is on amazon and not on ebay lol, i just messaged them and i will do some research on this "company". thank you btw!
  6. Anakim

    Used ryzen 7 2700x??

    actually the same seller on amazon has a used i7 8700k for 259euros and the avarege price here is around over 400 euros. idk about Intel VS AMD but my point is more for Used vs New, cause these CPUs for these prices are pretty "suspicious" even if they're sold on amazon.
  7. Anakim

    Used ryzen 7 2700x??

    im buildin my first pc
  8. Hi I found a "used" ryzen 7 2700x on Amazon in my country a new 2700x its around 315/320 euros, and this one seller has it for 215 euros. I should get it or nah?
  9. Anakim

    Good deal?

    thank you guys
  10. Anakim

    Good deal?

    I found a used GIGABYTE GTX 1070 TI for 335 euros( 380 usd) I should get it or nah?
  11. Anakim

    RX580 or GTX2060?

    yeah i know, but the vega 64 and gtx 2060 are both for 1440p. and both on the same price range. I was wondering if the GTX 2060 was worth the price or should i just get a "lower GPU" like a RX580 saving 130 euros for something else.
  12. Anakim

    RX580 or GTX2060?

    sorry now i updated my post
  13. Anakim

    RX580 or GTX2060?

    sorry now i updated my post
  14. Anakim

    RX580 or GTX2060?

    Hi guys, I was planning to build a "all around Pc, but im kinda on budget and I dont have a 1440p screen for now, I just have a 1080p. I was wondering if RX580 was still a good choice in 2019 for gaming/small project rendering? The prices are: RX 580 (8GB ) : 255 euros GTX 2060 (6GB): 380 euros Is the 2060 worth the 130 euros difference? the rest of the components: - CPU ryzen 7 2700x or Ryzen 5 2600x (!?) - Mobo MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC Scheda Madre DDR4, SATA3, Dual M.2, GbE/ac WiFi, USB 3.1 - RAM 16 GB (2 X 8 GB), DDR4, 3000 MHz, C15 XMP 2.0, Nero Corsair Vengeance LPX - PSU EVGA 650W G2 (still looking for something cheaper) -Case : Sharkoon TG5 - SDD 860 EVO 500 GB -HDD: WD 1 TB
  15. Hi guys, I was planning to build a PC (my first build) that was good as a workstation and for gaming too that I will use on a TV Samsung 40 inches 1080p. im not demanding on resolution for gaming,im ok for a 1080p/ 1440p"ish" resolution,I prefer to have a PC that has no problems on rendering SMALL photo/video projects. so i made this two lists: changing just the CPU and GPU part. So technically the first is better in gaming but loses points on the workstation side The second is better by 10% on workstation but loses 30% on the gaming experience but its cheaper (157 euros less) What do you guys think, which one should I pick? Im open for parts suggestions too if you have any ideas! my budget is around 1200 euros,if you know better and cheaper components that I should check let me know. Thank you! (this is the link to the site, so you can use it too: Userbenchmark)