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    Ryzen 5 3600
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  1. Hi I have a PC that has a 120 GB SSD for the OS and a 512 GB Nvme for my programs and games, and i wanted to get a hdd too for file storage but idk which one between a internal or a external one? (I was thinking about getting NAS too but its pretty expensive and its active 24/7 so idk if it can affect the electricity bills that much)
  2. I switched on the frame counter in the Nvidia Geforce Experience but it works just for games from steam,origin and even on League of legends but not on Gears 5 that i got from Xbox live pass (so it appears as an "app") are there any way to view how many fps i get on games from windows appstore?or i have to download some third party software??
  3. Hi guys! I need a good free video converter software because apparently davinci resolve cant read some of my videos that i need to add on my storyboard. Can you help me please?
  4. I want to stream my games on the tv in the living room but I don't have a smart tv. I have an amazon firestick with steamlink but I need a hub with an ethernet port and additional usb ports so i can connect the firestick to LAN(because streaming on wifi its not really a good experience) and my peripherals like the joypad. Do you think that buying the USB/Ethernet hub is worth the streaming quality of the firestick or should I get something like a raspberry Pi? and also... Is it possible to stream using my Desktop as a host and a Macbook air as a client? Or Desktop as a host and a windows laptop as a client?
  5. oh ok, perfect, I was actually wondering why I had 357 points already so that was the reason. I set a passkey, now I will wait to finish a work unit then see if it works, thank you so much btw!
  6. Im new to F@H, but i wanted to contribute so i tried it. Everything is working fine but there's one thing that I dont understand: My name(Anakim) and Team(LTT) on the software are correct When I click on my name to see my stats the name is still correct but the team appears to be : "Default(No team specified)" here's the Link Can someone tell me if it's normal or I have to fix something on my settings?
  7. I tried this but locally : with Steam Link I tried to stream my library on a amazon firestick and on my iphone 6, and it worked, but i still have to fix the connection cause with 2.4 ghz it sucks... well remotely would be a dream came true.
  8. Yeah the main problem is the internet connection. You need a really good connection to "play in streaming". This kind of service was tried before and all of these companies are releasing just a BETA version of these services for now, but we cant ignore the fact that Google itself jumped right into the game. I mean, Stadia is not that appealing for now but i dont think that all of these companies invested in something so big without having something in mind...money aside...(i hope lol) It would be cool if they could provide a service like "Netflix but in reverse" where you mainly download games locally for the best experience at a fixed price monthly and "stream" them as an option when you maybe have no memory left on your hardrive or you just dont want to install them.(I think it's something Playstation now does but only with the console) But yeah I would subscribe for a couple of months just to play God of war or red dead redemption on my pc lol.
  9. Hi guys, What you think about the new "streaming" services that are coming for gaming? I'm talking about: PlayStation Now Xbox Game Pass Google Stadia GeForce Now Jump Project xCloud Shadow Is this really the future of gaming?Consoles and PCs with hardware like GPUs will be still relevant?or it's too early to launch these services? Personally,the only thing that I like about these new services is that people with a PC will be able to play PS and Xbox exclusive games. For now I tried only Xbox PC Game Pass that is not a real "streaming" platform,it's just a subscription and you still need to download and install games on your HDD,but you have access to a lot of games(even triple A titles) for a fixed price per month(5$ to 15$) and I found it a pretty good deal.
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for cheaper(or even freeware) softwares that are a good alternative to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut. Im not a professional videoeditor i just want something not simple as iMovie but something that has some features of those two like "colour grading or colour correction". Please help me thank you!
  11. Thank you so much for your time, all the complete informations and suggestions,I also took note of all your tips, very helpful for a newbie like me! i'll take a look at your videos too in case i will switch for a "more than 2 drives" option, i like to learn new things in the hardware field.
  12. Yes actually by now I just want 2 drives(2 to 4 TB) for personal storage with easy access from all platforms, (2 drives in case one dies). I was already checking the prebuilt options but I was afraid about the performances of the prebuilts for the price i was going to pay..thats why i was considering a DIY instead. But unfortunately i dont have any old part(just an old Sony Vaio laptop but I already read somewhere that FreeNas and any NAS software are not recommended on laptops) so I have to buy all the parts and i dont know if the total cost of all the components would cost me less than a prebuilt..cause in my country just the enclosure without the HDDs costs around 130 to 150 euros for the "basic" versions and around 300 euros for the high-end 2-bay sinology or qnap . Can I ask you how much did you spent on your N54L builds?(or the list of the components) and also the links of your videos please? And I also have another question about the power consumption difference. A dyi is technically a "mini" pc, does it consumes a lot more power than a prebuilt nas? (i mean:we're talking about devices that run 24/7, im a little worried...)
  13. is that so different from buildin a pc? cause i saw some videos on youtube and it seems to be kinda simpler than a pc ,
  14. so on a DIY you cant access to your files through your smartphone?
  15. Maybe just 4-6 TB, for the budget, i think i can go for about 200-300 euros, but im trying to find the best price to performance solution. what you think ? I read some bad reviews on prebuilt nas but i wanna know if a DIY could be a real better solution.