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  1. Hi guys looking for some help, I updated my BIOS today and my corsair RGB ram went dark, literally. I want to go back to the last BIOS but I can't rename the file. Bupdater will not work, when I open it windows 10 says it is not for my operating system. If anybody has a solution for the RAM I am happy to stay with the current BIOS. I will also say this is the worst motherboard I have ever come across and the list of problems I have had are as long as my arm. 


  2. Hope some one can help, I have a X3440 @ 4 ghz, H55 motherboard, 8GB ram and the PC is running like an AMD laptop (just a joke) . Utilization is about 3-5%.

    Chip set has been reinstalled and it takes ages to open any programs it is impossibly slow

    Any Ideas guys?

    I should say that it runs at 100% using aida64 but but not in any other programs, it took 10 minutes to unzip a small file.

  3. Hi guys 

    Hoping to get a bit of help with a boot issue.

    I have put a PC together from a few spare parts and one or two new ones, it's just going to sit in my front room to be used for casual gaming. It was working fine when I built it but left it sitting for a few months.

    When i turned it on the screen goes blank and it fails to even show the bios so I unplugged it checked the cables and rebooted all was fine but when I try to reboot it goes blank again. I tested the on-board graphics and the same thing happens. If I fiddle and unplug it boots but a reboot will not work.

    Help please. 

  4. Hi Guys

    I have an H100i V2 cooling an R7 1700 on an Asus Crosshair VI Hero, I have been having problems with the pump. I  am going to list below the problems 1st

    1. Internal USB connector randomly connecting and disconnecting

    2. Qfan set to disabled but still altering the pump speed

    3. Unable to keep any changes i make in the Bios, Ai sweet or Corsair link.

    4. at one point it just stopped pumping and overheated then shut down.

    I  thought i had finally resolved the issue when i changed the pump header while switched on, this had a positive effect for a day, I had finally had the pump running at 2800rpm.

    My new issue is this; all looks well however if i change the pump to Quiet it runs at the correct speed of 1800rpm but if i increase it to performance it goes up to 2800 then drops to 1300.

    I  have had enough and was wondering if anyone could help.

    P.S I am aware there are known issues with my motherboard and i  have tried every fix in every forum and they only work for a few hours if lucky.

  5. On 10/04/2018 at 12:18 PM, Protongog said:

    I am going to try again and clear the cmos for longer and see if that works if nothing happens i will pick up the x3430 


    I feel like an idiot. The good news I have it working and now the confession, the problem was me I had forgotten that the Xeon has no on-board graphics so I plugged in a HD 7950 and it is all working fine. Thanks for the help but you can't account for a rookie error. 

  6. 34 minutes ago, Glasare said:

    I had the boot loop when I put a X5460 in my P35 mobo with the proper BIOS.


    Make sure you clear CMOS properly. You can remove the battery and leave it out for a while, then try again.

    I am going to try again and clear the cmos for longer and see if that works if nothing happens i will pick up the x3430 


  7. 3 hours ago, ProximaOfZeal said:

    I disagree, you can find plenty of resources of Lynnfield xeons running on H55 boards, without even modding the bios, including Asus' own P7H55-m which is a mATX variant of OP's board. The thing with 1156 Xeons is that they're essentially just renamed mainstream CPUs such as i5 (for x3430) and i7 (x3440 is often referred by people as being a renamed i7-860s) If anything, it seems OP's specific board has some bios compatibility problem.


    Perhaps making sure you have the most recent bios, somehow, could help. Although Lynnfield CPUs should be supported by any bios revision on that board. Maybe there's a socket problem, like bent pins, or maybe the CPU is bust?


    Here you even have a Russian guy that seems to be running x3440 @4GHz on same board as OP's. 


    I have no way of knowing if the CPU is the problem. I have the last bios update which was Windows 8.1 and it runs my i5 fine. When I turn the computer on the power cycles on and off and does not display the bios post really not sure what to do.

  8. Hi all

    I  love building PC's of all shapes and sizes but as we know it is so expensive at the moment; so for entertainment I decided to dig out some old components.

    HD 7950 sapphire 2Gb

    8Gb DDR3

    SSD/HDD available

    AMD A4-4000

    A55 micro ATX motherboard

    I thought it would be fun to build a HTPC for the front room but the processor is not up for the task. My question is, what processor could I get for the motherboard that would run 720p games on my TV or would I need to change more components.


  9. Hi Guys

    I bought a Spyder 5 with Express software a few years back, I am now a professional photographer and I was very excited to have monitors running properly and I believe this would be one less thing to worry about so I invested, however, I was never happy with the results they always seemed very warm and the whites looked dirty. I  now have a new PC and monitor so I decided to get the Spyder back out and I  have the same results again. None of my hardware is the same.

    What am I doing wrong?

  10. Hi Guys

    I  have, I have a problem with my monitors. I will explain my setup

    GTX980 TI

    1st Device is a Monitor running 1440p through mini Display port

    2nd Device is a 720p TV through HDMI

    This is what happens. I will open a browser on the TV and play Netflix while game ETC on the monitor. I have no performance issue with frame rate ETC however if i close the browser on the TV it goes black then the TV receives no signal and changes to its default blue screen saver.

    There is a second issue every now and then i can scroll to the TV but there is no mouse input, I can see the cursor but i cant click on anything, when i move my mouse to the bottom screen the same thing happens and then the PC freezes followed by lose of signal and I have to use the reset button on the PC. The motherboard still reads a normal post of 24.

    Please help