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  1. Just now, Acid Panda said:

    why Radeon. kind of limits your options.

    Gigabyte, MSI, Asus all have good pc's that would do well for editing and great for casual gaming probably with a 1050ti

    The video editing software I plan to use is GPU based and works best with Radeon graphics. (Da Vinci Resolve 15)


    Hi, So I have been looking for a Radeon laptop for video editing and casual gaming. The best one i could find for a cheap price was a Lenovo Y700 with an i7-6700HQ, R9 M375, and a UHD screen. I was wondering how much of the sRGB scale the UHD screen can produce. I'm looking for something under $1000.



  3. 14 hours ago, ViniciusLamegoo said:

    Hey guys,


    So I have two scenarios here.


    I'm looking for a good editing laptop for around $1000 that i can run all adobe programs not having trouble for having a lot of stuff running at ounce, with a good size screen (15"~17")!! I looked up some and these two interested me:

    1. https://www.amazon.com/Exclusive-HP-Pavilion-i7-8750H-Windows-15-cx0042nr/dp/B07DQR6DQT/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=hp+gaming+laptop&qid=1551657652&s=gateway&sr=8-8

    2. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-Computer-Quad-Core-i7-7700HQ/dp/B077S92KDZ/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=editing+laptop&qid=1551657743&refinements=p_n_feature_five_browse-bin%3A13580790011%2Cp_n_operating_system_browse-bin%3A17702486011%2Cp_36%3A80000-&rnid=386442011&s=pc&sr=1-2


    What do you guys think? Suggestions for other monitors are welcome!


    Scenario 2:


    One of my friends wants a 4k 17in gaming laptop for around $1000~$2000 any tips for him also??


    thank you all for the replies in advance!!

    I would be careful about the HP laptop. I would get it off the HP Website. the 4k and the 144hz display is the most color accurate. If you want a decent laptop for a cheaper price, go with the Acer Aspire V17 Nitro: Black Edition. It is a little bit older but should get the job done.



  4. 4 hours ago, Novice User said:

    I'm brand new to building PC's with no relevant experience. I'm trying to build something similar to cyberpower's RTX 2070 or Digital Storm's Lynx (the best option,  not ultimate option, case my link doesn't work properly). I plan on buying the Oculus Rift and really want to get the full experience. I've been on pcpartpicker and found the site very helpful. But can't seem to really beat the price's of the the two manufacturers (disclaimer, I don't know what I'm doing). I've seen a lot of people on other threads suggesting the AMD Ryzen 2700. Is the Intel i7-9700k better? Is the difference noticeable? I've read reviews on both sides, although the benchmarks seem to suggest the i7 is better until you reach 4k and then they equalize. There's links to both below. I'm partial to nvidia, only because I read there the best, but is there a noticeable difference between alternate manufacturers with the same specs? (Break it down barney style, I'm not 100% pc fluent) If anyone has experience with either one of these pc's I'd like to hear your experience.






    Last thing, I love the flashy lights but value performance over looks, flashy lights are a plus though.

    While the i7-9700K is better at gaming and potential in a more intensive task like video editing, My choice would be to go for the Ryzen 7 2700. While this is not an overclockable processor (overclocking makes your system go faster), Ryzen is really good in multi-core task and with 3rd gen. Ryzen coming soon, it will be way easier to upgrade to the rumored 12-core Ryzen with a simple swap and bios update. But, if your main focus is pure gaming, I would go with Intel.

  5. Hello everyone, I've have been looking for laptops that are under 1000 USD. For da Vinci resolve 15, it is more GPU dependent and works best with Radeon GPUs. If not, I'm ok with Nvidia. I'm looking for a quad-core processor, 16 GB of ram (or 8 if the system is upgradeable), at least 512 GB of storage, and a 4 GB GPU. Can anyone help me out? The best option I found as a hp pavilion Gaming laptop with a gtx 1050 ti, a 1080p IPS 144hz display, and an i5 8300h with 8 GB of ram.

  6. On 1/17/2019 at 8:58 AM, GeneXiS_X said:

    Lenovo Legion Y730 15 customize (lights off), Legion Y530 customize, Legion Y7000

    HP Omen 15-dc customize, 15-dc0020nr


    Note that both have default low sRGB IPS display (250 nits 45% NTSC)


    Might want to wait for RTX laptops too

    Ok, Is there any kind of AMD powered laptop you would recommend for video editing?

  7. 4 minutes ago, GeneXiS_X said:

    The problem is, there aren't many AMD powered gaming/performance laptops and some of them are crap

    Where are you from? Any other usage besides DaVinci Resolve? Any preference on weight and battery life?

    I might do some gaming on the side, not much (more like barely), For weight, I would say preferably under 5 pounds and for battery life, I would be ok for a few hours, as long as I can get through a couple of American high school periods.

  8. 21 hours ago, GeneXiS_X said:

    About ~55% sRGB


    Don't bother buying one, Asus FX has questionable build quality and bad cooling, moreover the Ryzen specs aren't comparable with 8300H+1050

    Ok, but based on my research, for dollar for dollar, AMD GPUs works better in DaVinci Resolve. What laptop would you recommend for under $1000? 



  9. Hi, I am looking for a laptop under a thousand dollars for editing in Davinci Resolve 15 and I know from CES this year that Asus has announced their TUF FX505DY and their FX705DY. On the product page, it says the screen has a 45% NTSC rating. What is this compared to sRGB?

    Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 9.26.08 AM.png