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  1. A bit of background, I'm a student doing game modeling and animation, and will be doing rendering. My friend was looking for some eBay deals and came across an Nvidia Tesla K20x on the cheap. I have literally no idea where to start, if it's even compatible with my system, how to install it, and how to get Maya or whatever programs to leverage it. I have a 650gq gold PSU, an i5 7600k, TUFmk1 motherboard, 32gbs RAM, and a 1060 6gb. I'm guessing that I need a bigger PSU, because it's got a six pin and an eight pin input. It has a strange port on the side that looks a little like jumpers for something and a little yellow sticker by it with a symbol that I'm not familiar with. I'm also aware that it doesn't have a cooling solution, only the passive heatsink. I did see a video that showed how to install a blower onto the rear of the card. What can I do with this, potentially? How much work will it take to get it going? Thanks
  2. I tried doing some looking online, but can't find this particular case. It looks like Grandpa may have previously modded a new power switch onto the front panel, but it has since been removed. It has a built-in PSU with a bunch of molex connections, but I'm not familiar with the cable colors. I peeked inside the shroud of it, and it looks like all the caps are gigantic. There's a fair bit of condensation on the inside as well, as it had been stored outside. I'd really like to remove it, but I have never messed with power supplies, and I'm not 100% sure when the last time he powered it on was, though it's certainly been a few years. I assume they're discharged, but don't want to die
  3. Ah yes, I think I've peeked at that one before. I have a GTX 1060 SC single-fan, so it's short but not low-profile. After letting YouTube autoplay LTT a bit I saw a server rack, so I'm browsing those on Newegg currently. Thanks for helping
  4. Blowers are loud but exhaust heat from the case over the heatsink, directly out the back. They also tend to run much hotter. These are suggested if you have restricted space inside the case- good for small builds. Internal exhaust doesn't direct heat out the back, it forces the air from inside the case over the heatsink, but doesn't direct the air out the back, it just gets "recycled" in the case. Single fans are louder and run hotter than double fans. Most of the cards available will be the internal exhaust, that seems to be the current trend.
  5. IMO, air pressure is not solely measured by the case fans, sometimes the GPU (depending on it's exhaust style, ie Blower) and the PSU play some role. RPM and fan-size matter also, not just the number of fans (which I'm sure you know). Passive exhaust plays a role as well, whether or not most of the case is air-tight or has machined holes. Cable-management also can affect air-flow. I was just reading last night about how depending on passive ventilation/card style you might be recycling warm air into the GPU, which was pretty interesting. Unfortunately I can't find the article with the GPU consideration. Jay had a video where he used incense smoke to visualize what the air inside his PC was doing depending on how he arranged his fan setup. It really helped to see how big an impact his passive vents had.
  6. I've got some nice parts to fit into a mATX case, but the space I have to place it is limited. 33cm (~13") deep, 9.5cm (~4 1/2") tall, and 55cm (~22") wide. Ideally it wouldn't end up being less deep than what I have, and can go an inch or two more deep, but strict height and width. I don't want to worry about budget right now, just want to see if anything even matches. Also, I don't care about glass/showing off, because it'll be tucked inside. Cryorig has one that Linus reviewed a while back, but it's an ITX (and missing a disc bay) I DID see that LianLi has one, the OS6X or whatever, but that thing costs $300 and isn't the right dimensions. It is a really beautiful case, though. Hardware: mATX x58m w/ low-profile Noctua heatsink GTX 1060 SC - Single Fan 650 GQ PSU Blu-ray drive 4x USB hub (can skip if case comes with 4 usb, or can just get an external hub, but I have the hardware and it looks cleaner) 2x SSD My idea was that a full-sized GPU could be mounted horizontal with a riser. I have it mapped out in rough correct cm, as far as if I were to build it myself, but wanted to check if there are existing similar cases because I don't own any tools and would rather save the time. Is my layout misguided? I haven't seen ANYTHING remotely close in a cheaper budget for this kind of layout. Everything's all boxy or missing the drive bay. On a similar note, does anyone have any advice for making custom cases? Thanks a billion