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  1. not the best vrm but it never even reaches 50C for 5.2 OC. might be a problem for LN2 but for gaming or mild OC i don't see a problem.
  2. Uhm what ? you still belive the myth the asus boards vrm aren't good ? that's funny. I have a XI Hero and vrms stay at 45-42C with the i9 9900k @ 5.1 Ghz on 1.31. Even buildzoid said he doesn't know how the board really is until he tests it in the gamernexus video. And derbauer is OCing i9s on it. I think people just take the word of mouth something is bad without good reason
  3. Masterbox has ish cooling but it's cheap. Also you might want to spend 150-250$ more and upgrade to a 2080Ti instead of a single 2080 or go 1080ti nvlink.
  4. Out of the box. Didn't manually OC it , everythingis set to Auto.
  5. Does yours downclock to 800mhz when not used with offset voltage ? what voltage do you sugest i use
  6. How would that help me ? I am sort of a beginner so please elaborate
  7. I did that , even on balanced or power saving or editing the plan and putting minium CPU to 5% still keeps max frequency.
  8. Don't have high ussage , rarely above 10%. Still max frequency though
  9. I have an i9 - 9900k , Asus Maximus XI Hero , GTX 2080Ti . I replaced my TX950 Corsair PSU the other day with the Corsair HX1200 Platinum so i can buy another GTX2080Ti. I noticed my CPU was staying at 100% turbo frequency and i though it was because i was messing around with ASUS AI SUITE III. Uninstalled ASUS AI SUITE III Booted in Safe Mode Reset Bios using CMOS button multiple times XMP I , XMP II Clicked YES , Clicked NO to prompt , Set AI overclocker to AUTO Used power saving plan for Power Settings ( Minimum CPU 5% ) Nothing seems to convince to make my i9 clock down. Sometimes , some cores go to 800 for half a second then to 2200 then back to 4800. My cpu usage is between 2-9% all the time. Mention i am using the HX1200 Platinum in Single Rail mode. Could this be the issue ?