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  1. Butwhy292

    rtx 2080 ti

    I have the Gaming x trio and thus far it’s awesome. Its a monster card so make sure you’ve got the case room and it comes with a weird support bracket that’s... not really all that helpful. Although, I have it vertically mounted so it’s a non-issue. Also, make sure your PSU Can support 6+8+8 pin power. The MSI afterburner is pretty easy to use as well, OC tutorials can be found at msi. Although I am currently running at stock speeds. My current monitor is the Optix AG32CQ 2560x1440p 144hz and it runs BfV on ultra at around 120-144 FPS (RTX off, with RTX on its 60-80 FPS). I’m not in love with the panel but the card runs it well. I’ve have the card for about a month and upgraded from a 1070 so the increase in performance is just lovely. Even with RTX off the graphics are just mind blowing. As as far as the Zotac, I’ve got nothing for yeah, I’ve never used one.... not helpful.
  2. Butwhy292

    Canadian ruples

    Can we all agree that this is just getting out of control?