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About XeonKyle

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    Drum Corps, Aquaria, Gaming


  • CPU
    Intel Xeon W3690 @3.46GHz *OC soon :)
  • Motherboard
    HP Z400-Stock
  • RAM
    6x4GB DDR3 In Triple Channel
  • GPU
    RX 480 4GB Armor Edition
  • Case
    HP Z400-Stock
  • Storage
    512GB Micron 1100 in M.2->SATA adapter
  • PSU
    HP Z400 475W-Stock
  • Display(s)
    1080p 75hz
  • Cooling
    HP Z400 High Performance Variant-Stock
  1. XeonKyle

    Speedfan not detecting fans

    When I open Speedfan, it has PWM1 and PWM2 at the bottom where you can change percentages, but the only fan showing by the left in the RPM section is the GPU fan. Also, when I go into the advanced tab to change fan control to manual, the only option is to “reverse fan logic” for those PWM’s. its an x58 motherboard from an HP Z400, and I checked and both of the fans are 4pin PWMs. As of right now the computer is completely stock. I don’t know why Speedfan wouldn’t support an x58 motherboard, especially when there are threads online about people using on z800’s. I just can’t seem to make it work on my z400. I’m running the latest bios 3.61
  2. XeonKyle

    PWM splitter + resistor?

    I’m planning on using an Arctic F8 fan, which draws 160mA. I read somewhere that the most common resistors were rated at 1/4 watt so I think I’ll be going with a series of low resistance resistors so I can keep the dissipated heat per resistor down and fine tune the ratio of fan speed. On that note... who even sells resistors? I live in the US btw.
  3. XeonKyle

    PWM splitter + resistor?

    If I use a PWM splitter but want the slave fan to run slower than the main, could I run a resistor in series on that slave fan’s +12V main? New user here! Currently doing a HP Z400 build, more posts on that later... I’m needing this solution because I would like to run a small fan on my motherboard’s VRM but I lack another PWM slot. I’m going to use a PWM splitter and run it with the CPU’s heatsink fan, but I don’t think the vrm fan needs to blow full tilt to be of use, and the less noise the better. Do you think this will work for my purposes?