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  1. can we buy the merch pack at the convention?
  2. with your lamborghini in the cargo? hi dbrand.
  3. thank you! just let me know IF there are more tour tickets, I’m a fan of a few years and would love to see the location where those great videos took place.
  4. booking flight tickets this week, thanks! just got my 2 day pass as well.
  5. I have not been to Vancouver in 5 years and the only 3 places I have thought of doing is the big suspension bridge, bike ride around Lion’s Gate Bridge, and hopefully sea planes. Any other things to do? I’ll be here for 4 days.
  6. yeah, I’ll think about it, seems so risky. might as well bring my laptop I guess lol
  7. update : just saw the new update, nvm lol. hope to get the ticket. how do I protect my computer and will a monitor, mouse and keyboard be provided? might as well just bring my laptop and not bring it to the convention lol
  8. I see that there are early bird pricing, maybe when there are no more early bird tickets, will more come up? would love to bring a modified cyber power
  9. also, when will the early bird prices end?
  10. hey all, was going to buy tickets for the tour, and they are sold out. I would be able to get a tour anyday until the 29th, please lmk when more will come up! thanks