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  1. COMPLIMENTARY!? CPU + MOBO FOR ONE COST? BRAND NEW? I can spend that money saved on better RAM
  2. Oh wow, this looks bonkers! So in terms of future use, could I use my current RAM/GPU etc. with this chip? And what kinda motherboard should I be looking to get?
  3. So we're expecting top end performance for gaming and streaming? That's actually awesome to know! My budget allows for a Z series mobo and something akin to an i7-7700k right now. (brand new)
  4. Okay, that's 2 votes for wait for AMD Zen 2 haha. Can anyone link me to some articles on why it will be so good? And would I have any issues in terms of using my existing equipment?
  5. I'd rather stick with Intel at this point. In my experience they're more effective in streaming/gaming rigs. But better in streaming rigs. Unless you have a good compelling reason to make the move to AMD I'm honestly open to any ideas.
  6. Hey guys! I'm looking to upgrade my CPU and motherboard in the near future. I both game and stream on the same machine and don't want to move to a dual PC setup. I'm also looking to re-use as many parts as I can from my current build, so what I ideally need is a mobo/CPU combo that I can use my existing DDR4 RAM and Nvidia GTX 1080 video card with. Also an m.2 SSD. Currently I have a MSI B150 PC Mate mobo and an i7-6700. (in a mid-tower case I will upgrade too) I'd also love to watercool the CPU. So recomendations in the Corsair family (I want to take advantage of the Commander Pro I have and the Lightning Node Pro I'm going to get) would be VERY valuable too. My budget is around £500 (UK) but this can go up a little as I'll be doing this in a month or two. THANKS!!!
  7. Exactly the information I was hoping you wonderful people would have! Thank you!
  8. Hey all, Apologies if this is a dopey question. As I know socket size should be what I care about, but wanted some feedback in case there are nuances I should know in addition? I'm tempted to get an i9-9900k, but my mobo is an MSI B150 PC Mate. Will this fit? and work in this mobo or should I just upgrade the mobo, too? If so. What would be a good upgrade without spending a crazy amount more? (DDR4 memory, GTX 1080) Thanks!
  9. Desktops would be better, but a lot of geologists etc. spend a lot of time working in the field on mine sites etc. So if he's gathering info or being given files for GlobalMapper and such can make a difference to what he could expect to do. Regardless, for something like CAD stuff or ArcGIS etc. they're not the most demanding things in the world. But like you said. Budget determines a lot.
  10. I actually used to buy laptops FOR geologists and hydrogeologists etc. in my last job. What sort of budget do you have? What I used to buy them were decent i5/i7 core Dell laptops (precision series) with Nvidia M4000M video cards. Pricey machines, but great for those who need to travel. The same principal applies to gaming machines as CAD, ArcGIS or anything else. 3D rendering, as effectively as possible. If you can let us know a budget and your region I'm sure we can make some recommendations.
  11. Hi everybody! (hi Doctor Nick!) So, I have just finished pimping up my first ever gaming PC. I am looking for feedback and any way I can improve on this build for cheap. Either aesthetically or performance-ly. Inspired by the idea of Craigslist bargain hunting in Scrapyard Wars and giving myself a budget of £800 (Yup, UK), I set out to get my best possible deal. What I ended up with is the following: NZXT H440 Case (w. PSU) MSI B150 PC Mate Mobo 2 x 8 GB Hyper X Fury DDR4 RAM Nvidia GTX 1080 256GB M.2 SSD 1 TB HD i7-6700 Concerned at the cooling from the rubbish stock fans I've added the following: 3 x Corsair ML120 in the front 2 x Corsair ML140 in the roof 1 x Corsair LL140 at the back (RGB, but dont have an RGB controller.... yet!) 1 x 120mm RGB fan from some random company I cant even remember. The case looked really... boring. Plain. I felt it needed some R, some G and some B. So I bought 2 x £10 strips off Amazon and the result is below. Total cost: £730.00. So £70 under budget. Please let me know your feedback and if it looks okay or could I make it better cheaper in any way at all. Very happy to listen and learn. Have a great day! -EC
  12. I actually learned quite a lot in the first 2 months of not putting more than 10 minutes a day in. I think I can crack it with another year of practicing with friends in Fortnite haha.
  13. Pleasure! I see you're from the Netherlands! Ik sprekt en beitje nerderlands. Sorry. Am learning!
  14. EmperorClone


    Hey guys, Been watchning LTT for a few months now and having built / modded my first PC inspired by Scrapyard Wars I thought I'd join the forum and get involved in the community! Nice to meet you all! -EC