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  1. DaveImagery

    Maximus V Gene dying??? ASUS flubbed my RMA

    wow the response is overwhelming. Admin delete thread and my account for that matter.
  2. mary had a little lamb
  3. DaveImagery

    Hate Win 10 photo import, Alternatives??

    Thank you. I'm not looking for a editor so much, but simply a fast way to import lots of photos at a time. On my Win7 machine, I would import several hundred photos at a time to a designated folder, for editing or sharing later. It was completely automated, I literally only had to insert the SD card, wait a few seconds for the transfer, and be on my way. Not sure what the hell Microsoft was thinking by removing that functionality.
  4. DaveImagery

    Hate Win 10 photo import, Alternatives??

    Oh believe me, if certain programs I use didn't require 10, I'd dump it in a heartbeat. Or just go to Linux, but that's a pipe dream
  5. DaveImagery

    Hate Win 10 photo import, Alternatives??

    Thanks for the suggestions. I guess Picasa could be a possibility. Does Windows 10 recognize it as a program to import photos, that will come up in AutoPlay? The import utility in Win7 was beautifully simplistic. All you had to do was insert the SD card, and it would automatically import and delete the photos from the card. I'm hoping the WinAero boys can work some magic and include some kind of workaround.
  6. I've been reading online, that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to remove the traditional photo import utility in Windows 10, in favor of using the new built in photo's app. I would very much like to go back to the Win 7 version of the import utility. It was so simple, and did everything automatically, including deleting pics from SD card after import. Photos app doesn't do that automatically. Appreciate any ideas.
  7. DaveImagery

    Any Z77 Mobo users still out there? Slow ssd Win10

    Thanks for info. Something weird must be going on with my system. Not sure what else it could be, except some sort of driver issue.
  8. Hello and good day to the LTT community, I recently noticed my Samsung 840 Pro 256gb SSD didn't feel as snappy as it once did. Ran a benchmark, and the IOPS appeared to be low, about 60k read and 50k write. With the low IOPS, and the drive being almost 5 years old, and having 160TB written to it, I figured it was time for a new one. Purchased an 860 pro 256gb, and it's showing the same thing just about. Contacted Samsung, ASUS, and Intel, with Intel being the most helpful by suggesting a couple generic versions of the Rapid Storage Technology Driver, which marginally improved things. I have verified the drive is plugged into the Intel controlled SATA 6Gbps ports, setup 10% over provisioning, set power mode to high performance. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64Bit, which I suspect is actually the problem. My Z77 Maximus V Gene mobo just doesn't run well with Win 10. ASUS started to release some Beta Win 10 drivers for my board, but never released updated chipset drivers or an Intel RST driver. So just for grins, I setup a partition on my 860 Pro, and installed Windows 7. Running the benchmark again now under Win 7, everything is maxed out. Sequentials' and IOPS are 98K read and 90k writes. Appreciate any insight any current z77 users running Win 10 on their boards might have, that are also using solid state drives. Specs: Windows 10 Pro ver. 1803 Build 17134.112 I7 3770k @4.7Ghz (on water) Maximus V Gene z77 mobo latest Bios EVGA GTX 980 ti 16gb Dominator Platinum 2133mhz ram Samsung 860 Pro 256Gb SSD WD Black 4TB X2 storage drives Corsair 850watt PSU
  9. DaveImagery

    Steam crashing constantly on Win 10

    wow, the response is overwhelming. mods please delete post, fuck it
  10. Hi all, For the past few weeks, steam has been randomly crashing on me. Not sure if this problem is related to a windows update or what, but prior to a few weeks ago, I had no problems. My two pc's are hard wired, no WiFi. Nevertheless, I power cycled both my router and modem, steam still crashes on me. Verified I'm getting my full 100mb up / 100mb down, with no packet loss. Reinstalled steam, tried the steam Beta, still crashing. Wiped my drive, reinstalled Windows, all latest drivers, still cashing. Copied my steam folder onto my Windows 7 PC, and all is fine. I would try running steam in safe mode with networking, but I literally have no games on steam that will run in that mode. My router has latest firmware. Thinking there might be some kind of software conflict, I killed everything that's non essential. Event viewer and Device manager show no problems. Steam support requested dump files, which I sent to them, but that was over a week ago, so not holding my breath. Appreciate any ideas, or if someone knows how I can read the steam crash dump files myself. It looks like some kind of alien language. lol System Specs: I7 3770K @4.7Ghz (on water) Asus Maximus V Gene Motherboard (latest bios) EVGA GTX 980 Classified (tried latest and also previous drivers, clean uninstalled with DDU) 16gb 2133mhz Corsair Dominator Ram Samsung 840 Pro 256gb SSD's X2 in RAID 0 WD Black 4tb X2 storage drives Corsair 850watt PSU Windows 10 Pro 1709 Build 16299.248
  11. First off, a big hello to the LTT community. Try as I might, I cannot get my mother to dump AOL's desktop software. This software was written shortly after the wheel was invented, in a dark cave by two morons. Anyway, she's had it for years and refuses to drop it. Aol has recently increased the number of obnoxious autoplay ad videos baked right into their software. There is no disabling them via options, and the AOL supervisor I talked to, basically said tough shit, deal with it. I have no problems with ads, I understand they have there purpose, and support content creators. I wouldn't even mind the ads so much, if AOL were a free service, but it's not. It's like $14 a month!!! Obviously AOL is proprietary software, so UBlock Orign, Adblock Plus or any other third party software for that matter, won't work. Is there something I can add to the Windows host's file? Like the IP address' of AOL's ad servers? Appreciate any suggestions, thank you
  12. DaveImagery

    Afterburner not applying voltage to EVGA 980 Classified?

    Thanks for the help. So far 1560mhz is stable, but I dare not go any higher on air.
  13. DaveImagery

    Afterburner not applying voltage to EVGA 980 Classified?

    Yeah I'm not a fan of the Precision X software. Does it actually go to 1.3v, or is it just reporting that it is? Can the Classified controller be used in conjunction with Afterburner? I see it's only for adjusting voltages, you will still need an app to adjust frequency.
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to get a few extra miles out of my EVGA GTX 980 Classified, before upgrading to the 1080 ti. Not a fan of the PrecisionX software, seems buggy and the overlay doesn't seem to work half the time. Will Afterburner apply overvoltage? The slider is available, as I've unlocked voltage control in Afterburner settings, but it's not applying it. The voltage stays at 1.2v. I'm able to get 1498mhz on the core, and 3993mhz on ram at the 1.2v, but even under heavy load, the card stays in the high 60's. So I have some headroom I would think, right? Power and temp limit sliders are maxed at 125 & 91c. Of the three bios settings, normal, OC, and LN2, I have it selected to overclock, which I would think is altering fan curves and tdp limits? I called and asked a MSI rep if Afterburner would in fact apply voltage to a EVGA card, and he said no it would not, but I wasn't sure he actually understood what I was asking, as there was a bit of a language barrier. Appreciate any tips, thanks.
  15. DaveImagery

    New build mini ITX

    Nice build! Colors look kick ass.