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  1. caliusoptimus

    How does my loop order look?

    Also, FTR, wasn't saying that loop order changes the cooling capacity of the system. My 1080ti runs around 60c fully overclocked with radiator cooling. CPU's however can easily hit 100c before you reach a respectable overclock. Choosing the correct loop order, and not preheating the water to your CPU can knock off 5-10c from your CPU temps. I have seen this in my own pc, the difference was night and day. Nowadays I run a chiller around 12c. With the CPU first in the loop I am attaining 5ghz (4.7avx) on a 7820x (maxes at 75c) and the GPU doesn't pass 55c under full load for both. With the opposite loop order the GPU runs 50c and the CPU gains 5-10c.
  2. caliusoptimus

    How does my loop order look?

    Jay almost got to me after watching that video. Then I came back to reality and remembered that I am an engineer, not a parrot, and that basic thermodynamics says: If you preheat the water with your GPU, then feed it to your CPU, the CPU is going to run at a higher temp (than the other way around) regardless of overall equilibrium.
  3. IIRC AIsuite has a bunch of processes that run even after uninstall. take a look through the startup and services and try disabling anything that sounds like asus. Also delete the aisuite folder if you havent already
  4. caliusoptimus

    How does my loop order look?

    Yes. It does. With high flow rates small difference. With low flow rates it makes a massive difference in CPU/GPU temps. @OP Since your GPU is so much cooler than your CPU you might want to to feed the CPU the coolest part of the loop, then the GPU after like: res > pump > cpu > gpu > rad > rad or res > pump > rad > rad > cpu > gpu or res > pump > cpu > rad > gpu > rad May help very little, may help a lot. Depends on how much flow your pump is providing.
  5. caliusoptimus

    water chiller?

    I have the exact same unit on my CO2 laser... it is not refrigerated.
  6. caliusoptimus

    water chiller?

    This isn't actually a chiller, it's a big radiator. There is no refrigeration system inside, but you could certainly hook a PC up. I have one just like it for my CO2 laser and I can tell ya it is quite loud.
  7. That AIO should be fine on that CPU. Something is wrong, either bad AIO or bad conductivity between CPU and block. Idle should be around 30c and around 75c under prime95 stress test. (without oc) I have almost the exact same setup btw, 7820x, prime x299 deluxe, 1080ti ftw3 (just one though).
  8. caliusoptimus

    Hybrid TEC / Watercooled cooling

    I was thinking the same. Unless you crank the flow rate down super low the water is only going to drop 1degC or so. My 2000btu chiller only drops 3degC-ish with modest flow rates. (ps: that chiller keeps both my gpu and cpu supplied with 12C water under full load, which is about 1000w at the wall)
  9. caliusoptimus

    24/7 Sub-Ambient Build

    I picked up some thin foam strips to wedge between the joints. Definitely helped, unfortunately the fan is still quite out of balance and is causing 75% of the noise. I'll get around to trying some different fans once I have time to make a duct. On another note, I think 5.1... even 5.2 is within the realm of possibility without pushing below the dew point. Prime 26.6 Prime 29.4 (AVX)
  10. caliusoptimus

    Water Distribution Blocks and How To Make Them

    If you are capable of designing the block and drawing a print... you could send it to a prototyping company like protolabs. I've seen some chinese prototyping services with very low prices, and you might get it down to the $50-100 range plus shipping. They won't accept a napkin drawing, so unless you are capable of solid modelling (at the very least) you might be SOL
  11. caliusoptimus

    24/7 Sub-Ambient Build

    Got it hooked up and running! So far working great. The maximum load I can get on the computer is running prime95 avx 8k FFTs and furmark (no AA) at the same time. This pulls about 700w at the wall with an 80+ bronze psu. The chiller was able to maintain 12c at full load, so that's good news. I didn't set it any lower as the dew point here is 10c at the moment. With a more realistic load this chiller should be able to pull much colder temps! The system was a pain to prime, I definitely need to add a reservoir to help capture the air bubbles. The chiller is also noisier than I had hoped. The sheet metal enclosure amplifies the vibration from the compressor and the fan. The fat is also quite large and noisy, considering the small amount of air flowing over the condenser. I will probably repurpose my ml120 rad fans to go on the condenser. I'm also thinking about adding some foam to the inside of the enclosure to damp the vibration. Here's a run with prime26.6. Temps for prime avx maxed out at 75c. Before the chiller these temps were about 15c higher. To be continued...
  12. caliusoptimus

    24/7 Sub-Ambient Build

    Success! Chiller arrived today. Did a quick swap, removing the mechanical thermostat in favor of a PID controller.
  13. caliusoptimus

    24/7 Sub-Ambient Build

    My thinking is that pumps produce heat, and I want the cpu and gpu to receive the coldest part of the loop possible. Probably wouldn't make a noticeable difference though, so I'll give it a try both ways and see what works best. The "minimum flow rate" problem only applies to chillers with a certain type of evaporator. The chiller I have chosen has the evaporator and temp sensor directly inside the reservoir, allowing it to run properly with zero flow. If you do a deep dive I'm sure you could find one like this in the 2hp range.
  14. caliusoptimus

    Nitrogen and liquid coolin

    Why would anyone bother with nitrogen when you can just dry the the air?
  15. caliusoptimus

    24/7 Sub-Ambient Build

    Here's the setup I intend to use with the chiller. I'll get it all hooked up and run it above the dew point for a while, until I find the time to build a sealed case. prime x299 deluxe 7820x delid w/ conductonaut evga 1080ti ftw3 I've currently got it stable at 4.9ghz 1.25v all cores, avx at 4.5. Temps range around 75c on prime 26.6. With prime avx 8k fft's the temps are in the low 90s. GPU is stable at 127% power limit, 100mhz OC and never goes above 60c. With 70f room temp the loop saturates up to around 35c, running furmark (no AA), and prime avx 8k fft's. All fans are on the same linear curve based on the loop temp, min speed at 27c, max speed at 32c. If the chiller can keep the loop temp down around 20c I think 5ghz w/ 4.6avx should be no problem. I chose 10mm push-to-connect fittings for the entire build. Great fittings, super easy to install and lots of different options for 10mm tubing. I'm surprised that so few people use them, considering the price is about the same as any other G1/4 fitting. I went with 10mm PE tubing, 8mm ID. Right now the loop is in this order: pump > temp sensor > tee fitting (drain line) > cpu > 120x120 radadiator > gpu > 120x240 radiator > reservoir Once the chiller is ready to go I'll remove the radiators and the pump/res combo from the case. I ordered a dual/series D5 pump mount to increase pressure in the system. The chiller uses 1/4" lines which are a bit small, so the series pumps should ensure a decent flow rate. The chiller loop will be in this order: series D5 pumps > chiller > temp sensor > Y fitting > individual lines to cpu and gpu > both lines converge into a Y fitting > temp sensor > back to pumps The chiller has it's own 0.4gal reservoir so no need to put another in the loop. So close to testing... getting excited!