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  1. tried smt on and smt off, tried turning everything to auto no overclock.. I have an Asus Strix B-450f Ryzen 7 1700 running at 3.95 ghz 32 Gb of Geil 3000 mhz ram running at 3000
  2. So i just reinstalled windows and noticed my cpu is showing 8 cores 8 threads with a cinebench of 1050 normally its 8 cores 16 threads with a cinebench of 1500 ish
  3. question, why is my cpu only hitting 3.91 if the base is clocked to 3.95? are there any cpu settings i could change to get it 4.0 stable ? i got in to windows at 4.1mhz but it would not cinebench or stress test.. temps are not a concern... literally just pushing the cpu
  4. my cpu is 3.95 ... ive tried getting to 4.0 but was not able to get it stable ... the gpu is overclocked +410 on the memory clock +210 on the core, it stays low until it needs to be used and then it ramps up ... GPU clock 1822mhz and Memory clock 4414Mhz this pic is gpu in fan mode on my A/C 46c max
  5. agreed... these temps only stay that low when the pc in not being used .... when you game it goes up to 40' and 50's , but i did notice and slight performance increase
  6. yes ... these temps are what i get when i leave it alone, it stays in the 20's ... my A/C has a fan setting, which i switch it to if i am not using it or not gaming
  7. So I am running 3 rads, one 360 and 2 x 240's . I have one outside of my case. This is running a Ryzen 7 1700 and Gtx 1070. Now I mounted one of the rads on my wall A/C so that ice cold A/C air is pushing straight through it, with no fans, just rad Getting really good temps . This can be done with one rad and will work probably just as good. Maybe not as low of temps 19c on the whole loop and 15c on the Gpu... Its a single loop, CPU and GPU together these are idle temps obviously but still pretty good and they stay pretty cool while gaming also
  8. any help?? any settings i can change ? that might help it run faster ?
  9. i bought it on new egg as open box and there was only a 3 month warranty and it shorted out.. I set it on the "xpm" Amd version on my board, so the timings should be set to the exact ram... nothing more then normal running in the background ... its just weird that i was able to get 1740's before and now 1600's
  10. Processor : Ryzen 7 1700 Mobo : Asus Strix B-450 F "GAMING" Ram : 32gb RGB Geil 3000mhz So I used my same processor and ram on Gigabyte Gaming K7 and was able to hit 3.95 on all cores with 3200mhz ram i got a new asus B-450-F "GAMING" board and now the same RAM will only clock to 3000mhz which is fine and same CPU is at 3.95 My cinebench score on my old system was in the 1700's so like 1730's ish its at low 1600's on my new system ? with the same CPU and same RAM Task manager is also telling me the Cpu is running .4 mhz off my max, i dunno if that is normal... the overclock is stable though, but score is really low ? any ideas?
  11. KILLED THE BOARD, i accidentally plugged the 24 pin up while the psu was on, got a new board and it works fine with all the same parts from my old system...
  12. Gigabyte x370 Gaming k7 - Error Code 62 and Vga Light. Have tested most other parts in another system as working 100% normal. seems like the bios is corrupt as my gpu works fine. Pc was working somewhat normal before minus the bios being very glitchy in giving me boot codes everytime i entered the bios then a boot loop, but once i got in windows, no codes ???? I am 100% certain my Gpu, and Psu, More then likely the Ram and Cpu are 100% good aswell.