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  1. thinking of an i3 9100f or a maybe splurge on a Ryzen 5 3500
  2. but the architecture is old right and i thought Nvdia had a more competent encoder for streaming compared to AMD, thats what i wanted to know
  3. in my country here, the RX 580 4GB version is similarly priced to the 1650 super. I have seen from benchmark videos that the RX 580 gives alot more fps compared to the 1650 super but it was realised back in 2017 and considering it is almost 3 years old, is it still worth it to get the RX 580? i play only Esports titles like Dota 2 and maybe some Apex legends and somtimes want to stream a bit on discord for friends and all. so which one is the better option in 2020?
  4. this is actually very helpful, thank you. i guess i will aim for that 1600 but sadly i live in India and the difference is like $28 between the 1600 and 9100f
  5. can anyone give me some advice on whether it would be possible to stream 720p or bare minimum 1080p with an i3 9100f cpu? ill be pairing it with a gtx 1650 super
  6. can someone please tell me what all i can achieve with a budget apu like 2200g and what more i can do with the 2400g?
  7. I live in Inida and here the 2600 is priced at 240$ while the 2400g is only 180$. I have no idea why the pricing is like that. And my budget would be 500 600 dollars or a little more. The reason why I'm preferring the 2400g is mostly because I wanna start up without a graphics card for gaming only and then add one a little later when I can afford a decent one and after that I can start the streaming part.
  8. Can I build a system with a Ryzen 2400g CPU and a discreet graphics card for gaming and streaming at 720p or possibly even 1080p? It's for exports title mainly Dota 2. If not can anyone recommend a good cpu or even a whole build for a low budget 720p gaming and streaming Dota2.