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  1. that might be the case too but also, sometimes it happens at 90 degrees and somtimes itll hit 100 and itll be all fine for 10 mins or so at that temp
  2. no, the only thing that runs are the game, msi afterburner and sometimes discord
  3. update: ive narrowed down the cause and effect completely. so every once in a while in game my cpu utilization spikes from 60 70% to 100% and my clock speed goes down from 3.6Ghz to 400Mhz and thats how the fps drops and lags occur. so now i wanna figure how to prevent that. any help?
  4. ryzen master is not supported for mobile cpus sad kek
  5. also ive enabled the voltage slider, applied and restarted but it seems i cannot toggle the slider still
  6. *update : after some testing using the overlay ive figured that the freezes or drops happen only when the cpu usage hits 100% and lags as long as its 100 or 99 or 98
  7. the the laptop is just a few months old and ive checked the fans too, everything seems to be fine in that department
  8. and i have montored my temps and they do tend to be around those you mentioned
  9. Hi. steady gamer here with some issues that requires the brilliant minds of you all to help diagnose and fix. Im currently gaming on a laptop with a ryzen 7 3750h with a 1660ti max q and 16 gigs of RAM on dual channel, i play game such as apex legends and dota 2 and occasionally the Valorant. in the last few days ive been getting random freezes and fps drops which lags the game for a good 5 to 10 seconds every few minutes. like i will be cruising around in apex legends with a good 70 to 100 fps and suddenly im lagging with the fps dropping down to 10 or 15 , even w
  10. My fans are already turbo ing at max and maybe I should try to clean up a bit