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  1. Hi there I am talking about this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZQl3HTNXpo In the video Anthony says: "its missing what's behind the bezel, the game itself, i think, isn't even showing that". But as far as I know you don't lose any data between your bezels, unless you enable some sort of feature which introduces this, which would just be extremely weird in my opinion. Can anyone shed some light as to why he says this?
  2. How much is my PC still worth? Intel Core I7 4790K 16 Gb ram (2x8 @ 1866) Asus VII Ranger motherboard(Only 2 ram slots works, no bend CPU pins) Palit GTX 1080 Forgot casename (Around 80$ new) 512Gb SSD 850EVO + 256Gb SSD 840EVO + 1TB HDD WD 650W Gold PSU (I'll post the brandname later today) The pc runs perfectly without issues.