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    FPS problems in Borderless Mode

    Hello! The problem: I am playing a lot of different games. They all run smoothly in FullScreen mode. But since I am also streaming, it would be very convenient to run these games in Borderless mode, so I could interact with the streaming software without the game freezing on the canvas. However if I switch to Borderless mode in almost any game, one of the following two happens: - The fps (shown by Afterburner) stays the same, around 165-200, but the refresh rate of the monitor goes down to ~60hz, noticeable just by looking at it (ex: Pubg) - The fps is just cut to 60 strait up. (ex: rainbow 6) Config: 9900k 2080Ti Gigabyte Gaming OC ViewSonic XG2703 (165hz, 1440p) Another token 60hz monitor 1080p Settings & Programs: Windows 10 64bit StreamlabsOBS (NVENC [new] / Hardware acceleration off) GSync ON Did you guys met with this problem before? I've red that Gsync has a similar problem with some windows 10 patches, but nVidia also claims to have fixed it. Any help, article, forum thread associated with this particular problem is welcomed Have a nice day! R.
  2. Yes, I would love to see a 9900k build too :) And I've already got a 'streaming' monitor.
  3. Hello everyone! I would like to build a PC in January, and even after hundreds of hours of tech videos I still absolutely need your help 1. Budget & Location Europe/Romania 2500-3500 Euro 2. Aim Gaming + Streaming + Recording at the same time Programming, virtualization, emulators maybe Video editing and exporting 3. Monitors I plan buying only one monitor right now (1440p/144-165Hz). But later on I would like to add one or two more (4k/100hz and maybe FUllHD/244Hz). Obviously only using one at the time for a game 4. Peripherals If you have some good recommendations for mouse-keyboard I'm happy to hear them, but this is not the main goal. 5. Why are you upgrading? I would like to have more FPS then with my ROG notebook right now Also streaming and the things mentioned above. 6. Goals I would like a high end PC, in witch every cent is for performance. I don't want looks, neither RGB. Maybe a solid black build. But if a fancy component is better in performance then I'm happy to chose that 7. My ideas so far This is not the first forum where I seek help. I am planning this PC since October. These are some parts that I've selected. (Please tell me if I'm wrong with any of them) CPU: 9900k GPU: RTX 2080Ti (a ROG strix maybe?) CASE: Cooler Master H500P MESH (any better idea? I want the best airflow possible) Cooler CPU: NZXT Kraken X72 (Is it enough for the 9900k?) Power supply: Something in the range of 850-1000 perhaps Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS MASTER (I don't want to bottleneck my cpu and gpu. Did I chose a good board?) Ram: I have no giggling idea. Perhaps 32Gigs of something around 3200-3400 I guess (does the board support that?) Drives: I am hesitating if I should get a **512Gb 2'5 sata SSD + 3-4Tb HDD** or **512Gb M.2 + 1Gb 2'5 sata SSD + 1-2Tb HDD** The drives does not have priority. I lived with 258Gb of SSD for 4 years. I can always upgrade later on. I rather buy a better cpu cooler now. Monitor: I want to play mainly FPS, so good response would be awesome. IPS is almost a must. 144Hz+ would be ideal and 1440p, cuz 2080Ti with lower is a waste I guess. Every opinion is welcomed, thank you for your help! R.