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  1. Amir93

    Need help to replace corrupted files?

    Well, my knowledge about memtest86 is poor, so any help how to run it, then i will be so appreciated: But let me tell you what i heard about till now, burn to a CD or USB then restart PC and boot from the CD/USB, actually currently i have a USB to burn at. Is this what i said correct? any cautions has to be taken before running it?
  2. Amir93

    Need help to replace corrupted files?

    OK, let me be more clear with you, in the last period i was receiving blue screens with my windows 10, most of them has the error code MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, games crashes and exit, download files from the internet to find them corrupted. Some friend told me, it may be a problem with my windows version, so i run DISM and SFC to check for any corrupted files, that's all what happened.
  3. Amir93

    Need help to replace corrupted files?

    hmmm so let me ask again: Are these files important, so i have to download them?? or it doesn't really matter, and my windows 10 version will work without crashes ??
  4. Amir93

    Need help to replace corrupted files?

    Microsoft-Desktop-Provisioning.dat NOT Microsoft-Mobile-Provisioning.dat
  5. Hi guys, today i run DISM and System File Checker sfc in my windows 10 to check if there are corrupted system files affecting the usage of my PC, after performing i got a message that indicates to corrupted system files but was unable to fix some of them. Uploaded here (sfcdetails.txt), the result of the operation i did, it contains 3 files, but unfortunately don't have a new cached copy of them to be replaced. So i hope for someone to help me upload a good copy of these files, please check yours before your upload. Thanks in advance. sfcdetails.txt
  6. Hi guys, i got recently a really serious problem nowadays, every time i download some files from the internet, i found it become corrupted and can't extract them. At first i thought the problem with the file server downloaded from, so i was re-downloading from other servers to get fixed files. But today something strange happened with me, i was downloading large amount of data, divided into parts, i started downloading part1 to find it corrupted, i got angry, then i downloaded it again from some other server too, and extract it, it was fine with no problem, i even re-extract it again to make sure with no problem at all. Then started to download part2, then tried to extract both parts together, to find the newly part1 corrupted again OMG !! i don't know what happened exactly to make the file get corrupted after downloading successfully and extracting it at first with no problem. (Also found part2 corrupted again). Any help please, why this problem happening?? and how to fix?
  7. Thanks for the info, really appreciate it. Anyways for now, i will check if my PC will run fine with the XMP profile disabled, otherwise, i'm updating my topic here with what happened.
  8. I have already disabled it, and will check later if the problem will show up again, thanks for your advise, i hope also if you can tell me how to set RAM SPEED to 2666 without XMP profile enabled. Actually also in previous time, i run windows memory diagnostics tool with the XMP profile turned on, however i didn't find any problems.
  9. Thanks for your reply: First of all, when i was checking your reply, i received another blue screen, having the error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION !! Actually i'm enabling the XMP profile, but for now i have disabled it, and will check my PC if it will work fine or not. About your reply, sorry my knowledge about that is bad, so do you really think its a problem related to the memory(RAM), not the graphics card?? because i'm confused of what causing the problem, but i think its really the RAM because i'm getting same problem outside of gaming too(Graphics Card here is not used). Again back to your reply, please tell me how to run memory test? all i know is that windows memory diagnostic tool, i run it before and found no problems, so do you mean here memtest? About temperature, i don't think there is a problem with, i have already CPUID HWMonitor, everything is very safe even at gaming, with the most intensive game here, CPU max temp was 55, GPU was 67, but mostly of the time they are below than this.
  10. Hi guys, since about more than 1 month, i finally bought my 1st gaming PC, it was working so fine at first but now i'm getting a serious problem with and hope for some help.The problem is when i'm gaming at sometimes, the games are getting freezed then closed and back again to windows, however, i'm receiving some other blue screens (4 times till now) that i think they are related to this problem.1st one i got was MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error.2nd was SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION when trying to restart PC when i feel that problem with gaming.3rd was QUOTA_UNDERFLOW error.and the 4th was MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error again.I don't know what are causing these problems, so i hope for some help please.Here you're my specs:- CPU: core i5 8400 paired with B360 AORUS Gaming 3 motherboard.- RAM: Team T-Force Delta RGB 16GB (2x8GB) 2666.- GPU: MSI GTX 1070 ti Gaming 8GB.- HDD: 2 x WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM.- PSU: BitFenix Formula 750w 80+ GOLD.- Case: Cooler Master MasterBox MB511.- 2 x Cougar Turbine 120mm front intake fans.Thanks in advance.
  11. Amir93

    Freeze while gaming?

    My driver is up to date, also this problem occurred 1 time with my previous driver. Not the same game, happened 3 times with 3 different games, all were fresh install. And i don't have PSU to test with, my current gaming PC is actually my 1st one since a very long time away from gaming. Gaming itself is running smooth and fine with no problem at all, this problem i'm talking about just happened 3 times during the last month, no solution to get rid of it except restarting my PC as i clarified.
  12. Amir93

    Freeze while gaming?

    Strange question, do you really have an experience about what i'm asking about?? I just mentioned you my RAM usage in my last reply. And only 1-2 tabs were opening. More tabs means more memory usage, whatever the number of tabs were opened, its not a problem at all, because memory usage is safe.
  13. Amir93

    Freeze while gaming?

    Just 2 programs were running, Google Chrome and My Steam account, was just downloading some game. And my computer never runs out of memory at this time and the previous 2 times, its 16GB, an average it was just 30-35% only.
  14. Amir93

    Freeze while gaming?

    Hi guys, i bought myself a new gaming PC since about 1 month, here you're my specs: - core i5 8400 with B360 AORUS Gaming 3 - RAM 16GB(2x8GB) 2666 MHz - MSI GTX 1070 ti Gaming 8GB - BitFenix Formula 750w 80+ GOLD - Cooler Master MB511 - 2 HDDs x WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM It's working fine with no problem, but recently i received a problem that i don't know an explanation for, its occurred 3 times till now, let me describe it: While gaming, its working so fine, but i got screen freeze, total freeze, the game is refusing to move to next part, i click ALT-TAB to try to open task manager and end game, however, when clicking ALT-TAB it shows the opened stuff, but doesn't want to get to any of them, only showing the game freezed screen, i click CTRL ALT DELETE, it shows that menu, when choosing to open task manager, its opened, but only shows me that game freezed screen, the only way to end this, is choosing to restart my computer from the CTRL ALT DELETE menu. Any help with this problem? Is this a problem with my graphics card?
  15. Well, sorry for misunderstanding, so no way to fix the corrupted file, and then i have to re-download it again, anyways thanks for the information.