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  1. Yeah you are right and i personally agree, as changing the cable needs a professional technician to specify the most suitable one, so buying a new charger from the warranty service will not be a bad idea, its really the ideal one.
  2. Well, sorry again if my replies are too late, as i'm making contacts with my friend, and i would say sorry again because he's a little idiot and don't know anything about his stuff, i got new information and here it is: - He said that he didn't change the adapter itself but that cable connected to it (the one connected to laptop hole), i don't know how he did something like this, as my knowledge is saying both adapter and its cable are in one piece attached together. He sent me this SS for the part he changed, because the old one was cut off, he did this outside warranty service by a general technician. Additional Info: I asked my friend to remove the battery and check again, he said he didn't get the warning message, then told him to put the battery again, he said there's no warning message but the battery is not charging properly as i described above. So should he buy a new charger?? from main DELL.
  3. Well, first of all, sorry for late reply as i was in contact with my friend regarding his problem, but for now there's some new information: - He told me that his laptop at the current time is not charging properly, sometimes it charges, sometimes it says connected but not charging, so i think there's some problem here. Personally for now, i don't know, but he told me, he bought his laptop since 5 years, totally new with its main stuff (charger and battery) from DELL, the battery is still alive till now and working so fine, but regarding the charger, he told me, he changed the adapter since 3 months (that part connected to the laptop hole, sorry if my english is a little bad) because the old one was cut off, he told me the new one was outside the warranty service, so i would assume its not from main DELL, then since 1 month he started getting this warning message, before getting the new adapter everything was fine, no warnings, the battery was charging properly and everything is totally ok. For my perspective, i think the problem is with the new adapter he got, i don't know actually the kind of the new charger, so will answer you in later reply once he tells me, will also tell you the kind of old charger and battery. I hope this info will be helpful, and sorry if my english was a little bad.
  4. Hi guys, a friend of mine has dell laptop with the following specs: - Core i3 3217u - RAM 4GB - Intel HD Graphics 4000 Maybe its an old one, but anyways, he has some problem and needs help for, everytime he turns on his laptop he's getting this message (Uploaded SS), he told me he's just pressing F1 everytime and go ahead. I don't know about this problem, so any help please?
  5. What's your game version exactly? also how to check my current version of game? EDIT: i searched the web again, some people said that there's some patch for this problem, however, some people reported it fixed the problem, some others still has it. Maybe i have an old patch for the game, that's why i'm asking about the game version.
  6. Hi guys, i have "Darksiders 3" game already installed in my PC, although the game is so hard, but i'm trying to complete because i tried one time before and left it, but currently back again and trying to complete the game. Anyways, my game is crashing randomly, saying "FATAL ERROR, The UE4 has crashed and game will exit" or something like this. I searched the web for a solution but didn't find something useful, also many people said its a problem in the game itself and almost no fixes for. So my 1st question: Is this correct?? or there's a solution for?? Also, i have some question regarding the gameplay, my character specs currently is: Health: LVL 3 Strength: LVL 18 Arcane: LVL 16 And i still have 12 attribute points that i didn't use them. I heard some tips that i must focus my points to increase strength and some arcane more than health for more damage and faster kills for enemies and bosses also. So my 2nd question: should i spend my remaining points to health, or keep increasing Strength and Arcane??? HINT: still didn't reach gluttony that is well-known as so hard boss.
  7. That's strange, but its even Uplay, some app that its trusted to all people and its a safe place to buy and get legal games, but anyways thanks for sharing this info, really appreciate this. I thought there's some virus, however, i did some quick scan before this thing with Malwarebytes and it didn't show anything, even my Windows Defender didn't report anything in the latest periodic scan.
  8. It's already disabled and i mentioned that in my main topic. It didn't launch with startup directly, but after like 5 minutes from windows startup.
  9. Hi guys, i have "Uplay" App installed on my PC, but usually i don't use it, only to get some free games and add them to my account for later downloading. Today after my PC's startup, i found Uplay Launcher opened automatically, i didn't click to open it at all, then found it updating itself, i closed it immediately because i was busy doing something else, then later opened it and get the latest patch for. I didn't choose for my uplay to launch when windows startup, so i go ahead and checked settings, to find that everything is normal. So my question: is this thing normal? uplay updates itself automatically without even my permission?? Thanks.
  10. More useful information, thank you so much for this, really appreciate it so much.
  11. Thanks for this information, i thought there's something wrong with my system, but its ok as you said, will consider getting an SSD for myself later.
  12. Hi guys, i'm currently running windows 10 version 1809 with the latest updates and everything. Now i want to ask about disk usage, when every time i start up my PC, during the 1st 5 minutes from starting, i can see my disk usage goes up to almost 100%, when i check the task manager, i find sysmain consume all the disk usage, it takes usually 1 min, then it goes down again to its normals. Also i find this thing occurs in some other cases, like after completing decompressing big RAR archieves, or after exiting a demanding game (in some times not all times), disk usage goes up to 100% for 1 min then it goes down again. My question: what's going on?? is this thing normal in windows 10?? My system specs: CPU: Core i5 8400. RAM 16GB(2x8GB). GPU: MSI GTX 1070 ti Gaming 8GB. HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB (2 HDDs). HINT: Disk usage only occurs at one of my HDDs, not both together, usually this is the one who contains C drive. Thanks in advance.
  13. I think you misunderstand me, i asked about something different from the list, not one of them, because i almost tried them all.
  14. Hi guys, I'm thinking to try sniper elite series, but i need to ask about something. I love shooter games in general, but i also love to play with an assault character, that using auto assault rifle, start a war by engaging a group of enemies and kill them all Here's my question about sniper elite: is it only sniper?? no assault in this game like i described before?? Also another question: what is best shooter assault games? please mention to me something except the following: - COD Series. - BattleField Series. - Medal Of Honor Series. - Crysis Series. - Far Cry Series. - Just Cause Series. - Max Payne Series. - Splinter Cell Series. - Tomb Raider Series. - Watch Dogs Series. Sorry for the long list, but need to know something else.
  15. Thank you so much guys for help, all comments are really so appreciated.