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  1. Yeah, actually almost no difference, just 2 seconds which means nothing to me XD Thank you so so much for your help.
  2. Thanks, but just notice you have a higher cache here. But my WD Blue 4TB has 64MB cache, same like the 1TB one. I'm just comparing specs there, like read and write speed.
  3. Hi guys, I already have 2 HDDs in my PC, both of them Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200 RPM. Due to needs of more storage space, i decided to get myself Western Digital Blue 4TB HDD, will be used for gaming only. But there's speed differences between both types of HDDs (7200 RPM vs 5400 RPM). I check that benchmark, and found the real difference is just 5-9% only: https://hdd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/WD-Blue-1TB-2012-vs-WD-Blue-4TB-2015/1779vs3523 But i wanted to ask here again if there will be performance difference or just a little bit which
  4. Mindless or Mindful it doesn't matter to me (I'm 27 years old), i just need combat and action as the 1st priority to me.
  5. Loud and clear thank you so much for that.
  6. Hi guys, as the title said, i'm thinking of trying this game, but according to my gaming perspective: i don't like puzzles at all. That's my question about: is this game depends on puzzles? Or by other means: are puzzles more than combat or almost puzzles in most of the game like Shadow Of The Tomb Raider? Or there's a balance between them 50/50? I like game combat, don't like puzzles, so please provide me a clear answer for that, because i have searched along the web and got different answers.
  7. Well, to be honest, i'm tracking this since a long time, for more than 2 months, the same result is it, nothing changed, Kaspersky saying malware and 1 low engine saying Malicious but it doesn't matter, the most important is KasperSky.
  8. Hi guys, i used to download so many stuff from around the web. Some sites are using pastebin for sharing download links in, so i go ahead to retrieve the link from inside, usually those are Google Drive links. For safety, before opening any link, i used to scan it in virustotal at first to make sure its safe. but recently i started to get warnings from 1 engine usually saying its malicious, but other engines are saying safe, actually i don't give any care about, because that engine is not smart enough in scanning like high-reputation antiviruses programs (KasperSky
  9. Yes its personal, i'm the only one using it. I'm sharing too many links, yes i admit that, but that for news, sharing the content and the source of it, i'm not spamming. Thanks for the advice, i will do that. That means when a group of people didn't like sharing truth, they just go and report my account to get banned because Facebook doesn't have a good standard for AI, that's too bad when the biggest social media site in the whole world fall into a stupid mistake like that.
  10. Even the politicians, presidents, prime ministers and kings...etc themselves have pages and accounts on facebook, and its fully protected by the site, also they have the blue mark. The BIG Media sites like CNN, BBC, Reuters...etc have their pages and accounts, they are also protected and supported from the site, and they always share political content most of the time. You know also in the times we're living now, social media in general became an alternative way for journalists to publish the true information and news away from governments annoying or whatever which stopping them fro
  11. Hi guys, now i have some pretty bad problem with using "Facebook" site !! I will explain with a little detail, i'm using my FB usually for sharing news and events in my local country, around the region, and also around the whole world. So you can say, my usage on FB like a journalist. I always share totally true news, supported from big media sites and official sources, the problem i'm facing now is that the site giving me ban from usage every periodic time, for no reasons sometimes, and for stupid reasons that can't be accepted by mind. Because of that
  12. Hi guys, recently since 2 weeks i got just cause 3 game, its really so nice, amazing, and i enjoy every second i play this game in. But i'm suffering from random crashes in this game, sometimes i got a crash after 30 min or less than 1 hour, some other times i spend like 3-5 hours without a single crash, i Googled trying to find some fixes, like disabling Anti-Aliasing, disabling Motion Blur, Screen Space Reflections, Bokeh Depth Of Field, disabled all those but nothing worked, i'm still getting random crashes. Today literally it was the worst day in crashes, got like 2
  13. Hi guys, i'm currently using windows 10 64-bit version 1809 with the latest builds, its working fine without such any problems. Recently i got some problem with "Controlled Folder Access", that thing used to block unauthorized changes to folders or prevent ransomware attack or something like this, but anyways, that thing recently started to annoy me, because it blocks many stuff with no reason, i'm using my PC for gaming, so lemme give you few examples for this: 1. I'm using MSI AfterBurner for monitoring my hardware temperature and consumption... etc while gaming, of c
  14. Yeah you are right and i personally agree, as changing the cable needs a professional technician to specify the most suitable one, so buying a new charger from the warranty service will not be a bad idea, its really the ideal one.
  15. Well, sorry again if my replies are too late, as i'm making contacts with my friend, and i would say sorry again because he's a little idiot and don't know anything about his stuff, i got new information and here it is: - He said that he didn't change the adapter itself but that cable connected to it (the one connected to laptop hole), i don't know how he did something like this, as my knowledge is saying both adapter and its cable are in one piece attached together. He sent me this SS for the part he changed, because the old one was cut off, he did this outside warrant