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  1. Cheeky Bugger

    Will RAM prices go down?

    Good thinking, i didn't consider these things, idk maybe i should even ditch my old stick because it only 2133 mhz and just go for a whole new 3200 mhz kit
  2. Cheeky Bugger

    Will RAM prices go down?

    Ohh, i didn't know that, thanks man for explaining this to me
  3. Cheeky Bugger

    Will RAM prices go down?

    I wanted to go for that G.Skill Aegis, but the problem is that i have to overlock it to 3000 mhz, default speed is 2133 and i'm not really experienced with overclocking ram, might f something up
  4. I know ram dropped in price by quite a bit, but is there a chance that it might drop even lower? ( I want 8 more gb of ram so i can get my dual channel to work and ryzen works pretty bad on single channel)
  5. Cheeky Bugger

    3000 MHz single vs 2133 MHz dual channel?

    Thanks man, i will try this out.
  6. Cheeky Bugger

    3000 MHz single vs 2133 MHz dual channel?

    I will have do some research on this topic so i don't f something up, but thanks for the help i will give it a shot
  7. Cheeky Bugger

    3000 MHz single vs 2133 MHz dual channel?

    I don't think my ram can overclock that far, it's kingston value, cheapest ram there is
  8. Alright,here is the deal,i'm running atm single channel 8 gb of ddr4 memory clocked at 2133 MHz,i would like to buy 1 more stick of ram so i can get dual channel and extra ram,but i don't know which scenario would be better here, more ram with dual channel or single channel with less memory but faster frequency.The ram stick which i'm gonna buy is G.SKILL 8 GB DDR4, 3000 MHz, DIMM, Aegis. Rest of the system is: Ryzen 5 2600 Stock clocks MSI B450 Tomahawk MSI RX 570 8GB
  9. Cheeky Bugger

    2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?

    Ohh,my bad, i didn't know that,i upgraded from i3 6100 to ryzen and since i didn't have any issues while i was on intel i thought i would be fine with AMD aswell.I will wait a bit more for ram prices to go down and then i will buy that 1 more stick or even 2 sticks of 3200 MHz.Thanks for the help people
  10. I'm having problems with few games (The Division 2,AC:Origins,Metro Exodus),there is a lot of stuttering and fps drops,could my ram be the problem,i'm running single channel 1 stick of 2133 MHz DDR4 ram with Ryzen 5 2600 and RX 570.
  11. I just don't understand why the f AC3 runs at around 35 fps on my pc. Ryzen 5 2600 stock RX 570 8 GB 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  12. Cheeky Bugger

    Chipset setup in msi format,can't open it.

    Thanks man,i was downloading from MSI website
  13. I've downloaded the chipset for my new MSI B450 Tomahawk and if i run the setup that is placed in the main folder it acutally runs GPU driver installation,i digged deeper into files and under Config there is a file named "chipset.msi",so i tried to open it,but i get an error that this installation package can't be opened.Is this the right setup for chipset i'm looking for? (I don't know if i'm really all that dumb or this is really confusing)
  14. Cheeky Bugger

    AMD overlay showing 0% CPU utilization

    It's like this in any game
  15. Yesterday i upgraded to Ryzen 5 2600 and when i turn on AMD overlay in game it shows 0% CPU usage,kinda similar thing with MSI afterburner,i don't have an option to track overall CPU usage,only by cores and threads.Interesting bit is that CPU2,3,4,...CPU12 are working properly only CPU1 shows that 1st core is at 100% usage while rest of them are around 30-40%.Does anyone know what could be a problem?