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  1. AndrewCC

    Ryzen 3000 Chiplet Socket

    Couldn't you take 2 really bad 8 core chiplets with 3 defective cores each, stick them togheter with some Infinity Fabric, and call the result a 10 core? I don't know how good AMD's 7nm yield is. It might be that chiplets with that many defective cores are very rare. They might just chuck them outright because it's not economically viable.
  2. AndrewCC

    My head hurts...

    Did you feel the need to reinforce that you're a grownup who owns stock? No one here would judge you if you just wanted to game on your machine. It seems like over-compensating? Unless you meant that you're a veteran gamer and just watch EA and Activision stock drop for the schadenfreunde?
  3. AndrewCC

    4K CAD with RX 580: am I pushing it?

    If VRAM is an issue, AMD has a 16gb card coming out Might be an issue power/thermal-wise and maybe price too (700$US).
  4. AndrewCC

    Second hand gpu's.

    No the 1070 is not the only choice, since he said he's looking to change it later in the year. A 570 is half the price, and it gives decent performance in 1080p. If you get the 1070 might as well keep it and wait for the next gen, since it gives enough performance on 1440p. In short: get the rx570 for 1080p or the 1070 for 1440p.
  5. The Origin PC is a quarter or less the volume of a normal sized case. That does deserve a premium for some people. I myself would never pay that much for just size but some would. Add to that the marketing they're doing and you'll understand the price. They sure are pushing these things hard to 9 year olds, though.
  6. AndrewCC

    The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)

    The main problem is not latency, that is a distant second behind the video quality you get. It's like playing games on a Twitch stream. The compression artifacts are horrible. A PS4 Pro or X.B.O.X. give vastly better visuals and cost less even if you have to replace the machine completely EVERY YEAR. There is no way this will catch on with the mainstream unless every single game publisher joins a videogame cartel and makes all games exclusive to cloud computing as the ultimate DRM.
  7. HP, with all the obfuscation of the specs prior to delivery, managed to pull quite some good specs out of the hat. And as many said on youtube comments, cancelling the order for fishy stuff with the CC and phone number is a good thing.
  8. If you need to consider paying the ransom for your data it means you have no backups. And if you lack reading comprehension, I said the principle behind not paying is the same, not that losing my photos or the project data I was working on were equivalent.
  9. Not paying the ransom to get your data back is the same principle to not paying the ransom to get your husband or son back. Sure, if everyone does it the kidnappers will find it unprofitable in the long run, but are YOU ready to sacrifice your loved ones for the benefit of potential future victims? Yeah, I don't think so.