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  1. That is the old one.. which has the button that lets you switch to 30fps.. but i DID find the new one on the download page. THANKS everyone. I guess the camera CAN do 60fps in 240p lol.
  2. I kinda figured it out. I'm disappointed its not 60fps to begin with.. And was just wondering if there were any type of advanced driver because it is a 1080p webcam. I'll probably go with a different company and buy something that comes with a disc or usb stick with the driver and software attached to it. Best buys gunna best buy. lmao
  3. I found the software but not the driver.. and updated the driver in device manager but when I load up the software it says its still the generic windows driver and I need to download the correct one. I cannot for the life of me find it. https://www.driversupport.com/knowledge-article/how-to-download-logitech-webcam-drivers/ it says "You are using generic Windows (UVC) drivers, providing reduced functionality and support for your product. To get the best experience out of your camera, please install logitech drivers. Also, when I go to logitech.com/support. I find the firmware upgrade software but then it tells me the webcam is incompatible. My guess is that's for keyboards and mice and headphones or whatever. Thanks.. if any of yall have that same webcam and can remember where you got the driver for it.. and if it's even still up hosted on their website or not! thanks.
  4. That's... what I wanna know about. well.. i've never heard of nvidia optimus but I would love to know if duel channel and a third stick will work without slowing anything down. I'm probably just going to "stick" with 16gb of ram. Thanks.
  5. I'm talking about.. what's this? https://imgur.com/a/bXHPYjR Do we want that to match RAM?
  6. when i go to the adapter information tab in display settings the first thing that pops up is total available graphics memory is 12gb. so im just assuming 16gb of actual ram is too much for the card and i should remove one. but its duel channel. can you use 3 sticks of 4 gb ram? or will it bottleneck all 3 sticks?
  7. sorry if I've wasted time. Gtx 960 total available graphics memory: 12267mb dedicated video memory: 4096 mb
  8. 1. yes its intel. I'm trying to figure out if I should match ram to virtual ram or not.
  9. that's a top heavy bottleneck isnt it?
  10. My processor is 4ghz my gpu is total available graphics memory is 12GB dedicated video memory is 4GB How much ram should I hold.. I currently have 16gb but... wouldnt 12gb make it even? I'm just wondering if I should remove a stick.. I have 4 sticks of 4gb.. But will that effect the pairing? duel channel? thanks. I'm not sure if I would even be quicker to just use 8gb of ram on a duel channel slot setting.
  11. Just talked to a buddy of mine who has a 21:9 resolution widescreen monitor. it'll only do 720p unless its at 59hz lol. itll only do 1080p if its at 59hz. lol.
  12. hmmm, Ok. thank you. Yeh, I wasnt sure if there was some fancy smoke and mirrors going on there behind the refresh rate. Maybe my eyes just feel more.. "relaxed" at 60hz.. it takes a while to settle in too cuz if you just set it youll get stuttering for a few minutes before everything tunes back down. I just got confused cuz there where two different options for the same resolution 1920x1080.. one being FULL HD 1080p and one being PC 1920x1080. So, I thought maybe they were altering the resolution. thanks!
  13. its also definitely not the same thing.. because at 60hz 1080p i get 289fps. and at 1080 244hz i get 276fps. benchmarked. The faster refresh rate actually lowers my framerate.
  14. I don't think progressive scan can be displayed at 244hz it's too fast a framerate.