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  1. qqqqqq

    GPU Throttling / Choking usage

    Yes to both questions.
  2. qqqqqq

    GPU Throttling / Choking usage

    That's listed as an option for AMD GPUs only. Updated image including power consumption percentage:
  3. qqqqqq

    GPU Throttling / Choking usage

    Here's an example of it happening.
  4. qqqqqq

    GPU Throttling / Choking usage

    I will check my frametimes now, my ram is 2666MHz @ CL16 by default, I am running it at 3000MHz CL16 always. Edit: my frametimes vary between 7ms and 15ms.
  5. qqqqqq

    GPU Throttling / Choking usage

    My clock speed is pretty much always 1898MHz, never changes during the aforementioned drops. The GPU-Z reading generally means it's boosting normally and usage statistics are normal as well, however we both know that the usage is definitely out of the ordinary.
  6. qqqqqq

    GPU Throttling / Choking usage

    It has mostly always behaved this way, considering it's doing this in titles from 2012 I doubt it's a CPU bottleneck as my CPU usage is always quite low. Disabling GeForce experience auto-optimization helped a bit but it has in no way eradicated the issue.
  7. Essentially, the more GPU intensive the area, the lower my GPU usage goes, in easy to render areas, such as areas at sea or staring directly at skyboxes, my GPU usage maxes out at 99% utilisation and my FPS surpasses 200 easily. However, when in dense areas that are populated with AI, enemies, buildings and other structures, my GPU usage drops down to 30-50% and my FPS goes below 90. Temperatures range from 55-65 on both my CPU and GPU. My GPU is not overclocked, my power limit and temp limits are both maxxed. GPU-Z only returns VRel in PerfCap Reason (which means the GPU can not boost any higher than it's current clock without being unstable.) Titles this occurs in: - DOOM - Dishonored 2 - Far Cry New Dawn - Borderlands 2 Specs: i7-7700k @ 4.8GHz GA-Z270-HD3 CL16 2666MHz DDR4 ASUS Strix 1080 Ti
  8. qqqqqq

    GPU Usage / FPS Anomalies

    Fixed, turned off auto optimization in NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Was not a CPU bottleneck whatsoever, seeing regular GPU usage numbers again, upwards of 90% utilization on all titles.
  9. qqqqqq

    GPU Usage / FPS Anomalies

    Just found out that my friend with a 7600k and 1060 gets better and more stable framerates than I do in Rust, could this be related to memory? My RAM usage in Rust goes straight to 12GB and stays there while his ram stays at around 4GB utilization. My friends are also getting more stable framerates than I am on most games with lower specs. Still unsure as to what the problem is as I'm almost certain this isn't a bottleneck.
  10. qqqqqq

    GPU Usage / FPS Anomalies

    Bump. To reiterate, this occurs on any level of detail, not just maximum.
  11. qqqqqq

    GPU Usage / FPS Anomalies