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  1. qqqqqq

    Headphone upgrade

    Looking for the absolute best headphones I can get for under $350 AUD / $250 USD so I can give my current headphones to my boyfriend. I currently have ATH-M50x's with an ASUS Xonar AE 7.1 sound card. Should I: - Just get a better sound card - Get better headphones (if so, which?) - Get better headphones and a sound card (if so, which?) - Keep what I have and buy my boyfriend a new pair of his own The ones I have in mind are the Sennheiser HD599's and the ATH990Z.
  2. Gaming and occasionally reporting in Excel for work. But primarily gaming.
  3. https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Monitors/25plus-inch/73469-LC32JG50QQEXXY 144Hz, 4ms, VA, 2560x1440, 32in. https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Monitors/25plus-inch/78257-VG279Q 144Hz, 1ms, IPS, 1920x1080, 27in.
  4. Fixing the collapsed tube tonight by replacing it, adding a drain valve and re-filling the loop with distilled water + EK CryoFuel White Concentrate. Keeping the clear CryoFuel for testing.
  5. I will be partially draining the loop to achieve the 250mL:750mL ratio, measurements have been taken. A few degrees higher does not bother me, as my GPU load temp is 46c and my CPU load temp is 49c at 5GHz.
  6. Both CryoFuel, one is white concentrate and the other is clear premix. Is it safe to mix the two to change the coolant to my desired color? Currently can't drain the loop.
  7. After securing the tube with a zip tie it has returned to being perfectly circular. My stress temps dropped about 4c.
  8. Tied a zip tie around the tube to widen it back out, and it seems to be fine now.
  9. The OC BIOS allows higher power consumption, I already have the card overclocked, I just wish to push it further.
  10. Recently applied a full cover waterblock to the card, is it safe to load the OC BIOS onto a non-OC model of the 1080Ti Strix? If it somehow goes wrong, does the card have a dual BIOS so I can revert my changes?
  11. Just about to install the EKWB Supremacy Evo Classic on my de-liddid 7700k, does it matter if the IN port is going out and vice versa? How much of a difference will it make if I have it flowing the wrong way?