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  1. Hi Everyone! I have a very important question to ask you guys. I want to read the linustechtips policy. Sometimes we have to share links for reference. Is link sharing allowed on this wonderful community? If not, i'll never ever share a link here. If we can provide at sometimes for reference, is it allowed? 

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    2. Alen Burg

      Alen Burg

      yup definitely i would love to link to more and more people. That's really so sweet of you. I highly appreciate that. You are love ❤️ 

    3. LukeSavenije


      You can actually follow people, treads and subforums if you want to. Just be prepared for all the notifications that can come with it

    4. wkdpaul


      Welcome to the forum ... You won't be able to link to your site, that falls under advertisement.


      Please take some time to read the Community Standards.

  2. Hello Everyone! Hope you all would be fine and happy. This is my 1st msg and i am really very excited to be here. My old friends are here for quite a long time. I am really excited to write here. Thanks for the lovely plateform. 

    1. Alen Burg

      Alen Burg

      Hey OnyxArmos! How r u dude? Glad to see you. Thanks my dear.