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  1. @CanCeralpSo you do have this issue. Do you have symptom where you can see blur(bad image quality) in everything on the screen? Also if you have blur in bios screen. I never had this blur in my old house/city. When i moved to this new house/city i got it. i never changed not even single cable after moving to this new house. I plug my GPU directly with hdmi cable to my 1080p monitor. This blur(bad image quality) is affecting my eyesight. Even my laptop has it. Yeah it is very likely that the screen itself is getting affected. But when i moved to this new house i noticed micro stutter in GTA V and some of the fans in my PC casing stopped spinning. Got rid of these stutters by removing Logitech mouse software that i was using in my old house without any such issues. This tells me that PC was also getting affected by it. Yeah the topic name does not cover all symptoms. We need to make a list of all symptoms in some single post. I think Turkey is near Pakistan.
  2. @CanCeralp Again your theories (Issues in Electricity can't cause any anomalies in PC because it's digital) are only applicable to Ideal/Perfect world conditions. You are forgetting that we are living in Real world. Digital does not mean it's independent. We know for sure that for digital world to perform optimally, we need proper fuel. It is dependent. Again you are ignoring other symptoms and have your focus on only AA issues(only issues inside games). It's a very good point raised by some people here that a PC bought brand new shows these symptoms after some TIME OF USE. Also why did it NEVER happen to me in my old house? I lived in my old house/city for 5 years or so. It's not about how that calculator computes. It's about how that calculator will show symptoms of low power before shutting off completely. That's why i mentioned that we are facing a scenario where the power is low to cause our symptoms but not low enough to completely shut down.But again why am i even responding to these posts when i know that you don't even believe in all the symptoms that we have. It's not only AA issue(issues only inside games). How can anyone even explain blur in bios logo with changing intensity? I disagree as does this article that a PC will shut down completely. It will work but there will be graphical downgrade: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/signs-symptoms-computer-not-receiving-enough-power-74039.html I know how normal AA/overall graphics looks like from my experience of playing at my old house/city for more than five years. But this is something else. Considering that you have not experienced this issue yourself it's very hard to make you believe in the symptoms. Having knowledge is not enough. Experience is important. I wish i could invite you to my house but because i am from Pakistan. Maybe it's not possible for you to come here. That's why my advice is to find someone near you who claims all these symptoms and see it with your own eyes.
  3. Electricity/ Flow of Electric charge is like fuel for the electronic devices that they require to operate. Without this fuel they cannot run. My question is if you fill up your car with bad fuel will it run properly? Obviously you will see some performance issues. Similarly if the Electric Charge flowing through electronic devices has something wrong they will also show some symptoms depending upon what specific type of issue is present in the fuel/Electricity that you are introducing in them. If you are wondering that PSU will take care of it. Then keep in mind PSUs are designed to operate in certain bad conditions but not all. They have certain tolerance for these issues. Beyond this tolerance threshold they are vulnerable. What if this digital world requires clean fuel to operate properly? What if this digital world have certain algorithms that determines if the fuel is of low quality then it will go into certain mode(Low power mode)? What if this digital world requires proper fuel/juice to let GPU render at it's full capacity? What if the fuel/juice is limited to an extent that it will allow it (GPU) to perform but not at it's maximum capacity? In short this digital world is not independent it's dependent. I think your understanding of electronics behaviour is limited with only perfect world conditions. Apply certain unheard/bad conditions to it and it will show symptoms that will be different. If it's supposed to work as expected because it's digital. Then why some people are complaining that they get this issue in their new PC after some time of operation? Also why it never happened to me in my old house/city? We should not consider this issue as some ordinary issue because an ordinary issue can be fixed by replacing the problematic component. Remember that people have bought new rigs not just once but several times. Considering the symptoms that we have(blur in bios logo, overall bad image quality etc) it's not a typical issue. Also the intensity of the blur changes from time to time. How can you explain that? I think you don't have this issue or experienced it ever. In that case my advice for you would be to go to someone's house who have it and see it with your own eyes. I think you do not understand the severity of this issue that it's not limited to games only. I also recommend that you should read this thread more to find out all the symptoms because we have other symptoms beside AA issues. I know at first glance people think that this thread is only about AA issues but it's not.
  4. Agreed 100%. There should be no doubt about it that it's either Electricity or Interference. When it comes to testing brand new rigs i think you have done more than enough to prove that it has to do something with the place we are living at. Take my example. I was playing games without any such issue in my old house/city. As soon as i moved to this new house/city (500km away with different grid). I got this issue both in my laptop and gaming PC. This does not mean that the entire city has this issue. As i have not tested new rigs at different places in this new city so i can't comment if it's the entire city affected by it or if it is coming from the Grid or it's just this house or this transformer. But as some people were saying that they have noticed it throughout the city. This scares me. I think we should verify this if it really is affecting the entire city either by going in some gaming shops or to different houses in the same city. Also going to a different city with different power grid might give us some idea about how far this issue can spread. I remember Harsh you have tested one of the brand new gaming laptop at your shop in the same city. Wow if it really is the entire city getting affected then it's scary. Maybe it's part of the city that's affected like how power is distributed in my country i.e. different feeders feeding power to different part of the city. Good video but I think we should not assume from this video that what he did with PCI-E adaptor is the same issue we are also facing. What we should assume from this video is how low power is affecting his PC and causing the somewhat similar issue/symptom as us. The cause behind the low power condition we are facing is either Electricity or maybe there is some other interference issue that's causing our symptoms. If it was an internal low power issue then buying new PC or better PSU should solve it. As we know buying new PC or upgrading PSU has no affect. Our low power issue is caused by some external cause not internal.
  5. Not using PC for a couple of days is similar to holding power button for couple of minutes while device is unplugged. Both method discharges stored energy in capacitors. It's also possible that whatever is bad in Electricity is appearing and disappearing for you and for rest of us it's always there. It's not a virus let me explain: Virus that goes away when it doesn't get any attention for couple of days like you have mentioned. There is no such virus out there. Virus that can affect all Audio Video devices(PC, console, phone) in a house at the same time does not exist. Virus that can affect even Bios logo and cause our specific symptoms does not exist. In short there is no such virus that can cause our specific symptoms and cause them in a way that we are experiencing. Keep in mind your router is plugged in the same electricity like rest of the devices. Your router is also facing the same issue in electricity.
  6. I am not talking about protection. I am talking about sensitive electronic components. All protections will fail when it comes to unusual issues in Electricity. Believe me and then it's up to the sensitivity/ruggedness of the electronic components itself. Yeah it's hard to know where the power coming from but in my country we have different feeders from distribution substation feeding specific areas of the city. I moved to a new house/city and got this issue. Distance between my old city and new city is approximately 500km. So for me there is no doubt that the grid must be different. Yeah there can be issues originating in environment because of issues in Power. I am still not sure if it's the whole city that's getting affected or just a specific area or transformer or just this house has something wrong. But as people are saying that they observed this issue through out the city. In a city not everyone is a gamer so we can say that most people just use their PC to just browse or to do office work etc. They either don't notice it or ignore it.
  7. Maybe those people who took their PC to another town and got no improvement. Maybe they didn't realise that their PC were at a stage where it was too late for them to show any improvement. Maybe it's only consoles (PS4 etc) that can be used to test this issue in new town as they are somewhat different than a PC sensitive electronic component vise. Maybe the new town where they went had the same issue in power and they should have checked other PCs there before performing this test. In short there can be many reasons and that's why we need experts(Electrical, Electronics Engineers, Power Quality Experts) to perform these tests. You bought your laptop 30km away in different town. Was that town's power coming in from a different grid? Did you test it in the same town where you bought it? Most importantly before buying/testing your laptop you should see other people's laptop/desktop to check if it's all over the town or not. Also i advice everyone here who are going to a different town to test a new/old rig to check first if other people in the new town has the same issue in their PCs. Unless we know the specific issue in Electricity, installing only solar panels is not enough. Because it could be that it's coming in from both the power lines and the environment. It's very important that we know what specific issue in Electricity/Environment is causing this.
  8. People have tried that but as i have mentioned before that using just a UPS is not enough. Similarly i can say that people have tried changing the outlet and got rid of this issue like Bearhugger. Also i can say that Darker17 successfully got rid of this issue by taking his PS4 to another city with a different power grid. My point is that it's not enough to use a UPS. They are not completely isolated with either the environment or electricity. You need isolation with this issue completely then that will be a proper test.
  9. It's the only cause that can affect Pc, Console, Phones at the same time. But making people understand that electricity is not simple is getting harder because of posts like these. It's not ON or OFF. There are issues in Electricity that can only be assessed using advanced equipment e.g, Power quality analyzer, Oscilloscope etc with advanced knowledge. An ordinary electrician does not have these equipment. Take a look at this topic. Read it carefully: https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Doc_Ref=SPD_VAVR-5WKLPK_EN I have posted it many times but i guess i can't make everyone understand. But for those who are actually using their intellect know for sure that it can't be caused by software. It has to do something with the place they are living at. Countless rigs bought and still they have this issue. Obviously if it was the software then only reinstalling windows should be enough. But as we know that even buying new rigs have no affect. So please stop this nonsense that it's not Electricity. There is not a single bit of doubt that it is Electricity/Interfernce atleast for people who have issues outside of games as well. If it's not electricity/interference then how can you explain it affecting all electronic devices in some people houses? Maybe you don't have a legitimate issue like everyone else here. Maybe you have the case where bad AA is because of how some games are being designed. But not everyone here has that case, especially people who have this issue in all their rigs, laptops, consoles and phones as well. Maybe the intensity of this issue is less for you hence you only see symptoms inside games. Remember we don't only have AA issues. There are lots of other symptoms that have been mentioned here before. These symptoms resemble of low power or power delivery issue. Also keep in mind that in most cases including mine this issue is not only affecting games it's everything on the screen. https://smallbusiness.chron.com/signs-symptoms-computer-not-receiving-enough-power-74039.html
  10. Yeah it is electricity or interference that's causing this atleast for people who also have this issue outside of games. I knew it was something to do with the place i moved to. In my old house/city everything was crystal clear and right after moving to this city everything looks bad. It's not only games that are getting affected. It's everything on the screen including bios logo etc. Everything looks blurry. Even my laptop is affected. So people who are saying that it's all devices in their house. I totally believe that.
  11. 8x MSAA is just making your GPU to work harder to fix something that's not supposed to be there in the first place. With 8x MSAA(or similar settings) you are losing a lot of performance(fps) to fix something that's not supposed to be there. It's a band aid. We should avoid calling it a fix. I know at this point we all are desperate but believe me anything software related can never help us because it's not software that caused this issue in the first place. The only reason why i am not selling my PC is because i don't want anyone else to experience it. Although i don't think that it will spread to other devices unless there is the same issue in power or environment where the new owner live at. But buying new hardware while living at the same house/city is a bad idea. People have bought new hardware before and some got this issue immediately, others got it after a week or two.
  12. That's pretty disgusting. I think if you are a victim of this issue it look worse with AA disabled than if you are not a victim of this issue. Even if we ignore AA issues which is very hard to do so, there are other symptoms like Low LOD, Invisible Bubble near character, everything seems pixelated in distance, bad picture quality in OS and Bios logo etc. I don't know why Nvidia/AMD/Intel keeping quite on this issue.
  13. We know something changes whether in rendering pipeline or somewhere else but we don't know what causes this change. Software is acting as a carrier of this issue not the cause. It is not far fetched. It is the only explanation and the proper one that can confirm it happening even in OS, Bios logo, consoles and phones. Remember our issue is not limited to games only it's everything that's been used in the house for some of the victims. For others maybe the intensity is low idk. But i am 100% sure that it's not software related at all. We would rather believe in some virus that can't cause our specific symptoms. Why are we even talking about it when we know such virus which can affect PCs, Consoles and phones at the same time and cause the symptoms we have does not even exist. On the other hand i have shown many articles on how electricity can affect Electronic devices let alone PCs.
  14. Our specific issue is happening even on AMD platform and also on consoles and phones. Also if we analyze the symptoms carefully, they are most likely caused by Power Delivery issue or Interference or both.
  15. Don't wanna be rude but what else? I know we don't have much to go on with but atleast we have some evidence in the form of symptoms. Its us who has to understand these symptoms using our intellect to distinguish whether these symptoms can be caused by Software or Electricity or Interference. Believe me there are no other options left.