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  1. Look at this video of me sending this video to the guy i bought this GPU from. It happened after moving to this new city along with other symptoms, At that time i never knew that it was the Electricity in the new house/city behind all this. So i sent him this video thinking that it was the GPU going bad out of nowhere. Silly me. After the graphical issues appearing in my Laptop and TV, it was started getting clearer to me that nothing else could cause all this. All of this happened alongwith stutters in GTA V as soon as i moved to this new city. I fixed those stutter in GTA V by removing Logit
  2. Do you have advanced testing equipment? If not advanced testing equipment then at least an Oscilloscope? Do you know what type of issues exist in Electricity? How can you say in your village electricity is very very bad? Do you have any testing equipment at all. Are these guys lying about moving to another place/city and fixing this issue? Do you think i am lying that i got it after moving to this new city? I lived in my old city for more than five years and as soon as i moved to this new city it started appearing in all my audio/video devices. Maybe your village and city has same power grid.
  3. Why do we still have this idea around that it's not Electricity? Even after sharing that it's happening even in my TV, console, phone, PC at the same time. Also it's happening with different intensities. Also it never happened to me in my old city where i lived for 5 years and as soon as i moved to this new city it started appearing in all my audio/video devices. Even after telling these guys all this. They still think it's software. Please listen to what you are saying that a software so much intelligent that it want's to give me bad graphics just because it does not like me moving to a new c
  4. I have answered it before that maybe whatever in Electricity causing this is either appearing or disappearing for you or has low intensity these days or you have to wait for your laptop to get it after some time of use as some people are saying that it usually appers for them after some time of use. Maybe your laptop was sitiing in your house and was not plugged in for a long time. In short there can be many such reasons. Just know that what we are dealing with in Electricity is not that simple to figure out. Also please don't jump to conclusions that it's not Electricty. Being an Electrical E
  5. 4k or 8K or whatever 'K' you apply to this issue in future, you can't fix something that's causing texture pop ins, Flickering shadows, Flickering AA, Low lod, Everything seems blurred in distance, Bad(washed out) colors, Increased brightness, jagged font in windows, Everything jagged on screen, issues in videos watched on youtube, Blur in overall image even in bios logo, issues that exist outside of games even in TV, phones, Console, etc. These are just few symptoms. I could leave this new affected city and go back to my old city and get crystal clear graphics. So why should i even upgrade my
  6. Only if it was that simple but it's not. Maybe whatever is wrong in Electricity got fixed for you but your old PC never recovered. So when you bought new one only then you were able to see the difference. Or maybe the intensity of this issue is less for you lately therfore you saw improvement. That's why we need advanced Electrical test equipment to figure this out and keep an eye on this issue daily. As i can see the intensity of this blur(with other symptoms) changing in my TV, Laptop, PC, Phone on a day to day basis, I can assure you that this issue is not that simple. Maybe yo
  7. In all honesty you should learn about how Electricity works. Believe me you have no clue at all. I again recommend for you reading this article. https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Doc_Ref=SPD_VAVR-5WKLPK_EN
  8. Well that's ignorant. Either learn how Electricity works or don't reply to atleast my posts. You never even read the article (The Seven Types of Power Problems) that i have posted. Your question "will UPS protect from all electrical issues" has answer in it.
  9. It's not a theory it's a fact that Electricity is the culprit here. The electrician who watched might not have the proper tools that i mentioned in the post. Or he might not be fully knowledgeable of Power Quality issues. He was an Electrician without any test equipment and not a Power Quality Expert with advanced and proper testing Equipment. So you are just discarding the ONLY possibility i.e. Electricity that can cause these issues in all audio/video devices in a house by basing someone's analysis who never even used proper testing equipment as i mentioned in the above post. About using a U
  10. This thing that we are dealing with has nothing to do with issues in software. Sadly our issue is not that simple. How can anyone explain Overall bad image quality even in bios logo with varying intensity, also it affecting all the audio/video devices in the house including Consoles, Phones, TV, PC etc? This issue has an effect outside of the realm of software. So please stop saying that it's because of this software or that update. It has nothing to do with any software. Software itself is the victim here not the cause. Also please stop posting these tweaks(High resolution, post proc
  11. @CanCeralpSo you do have this issue. Do you have symptom where you can see blur(bad image quality) in everything on the screen? Also if you have blur in bios screen. I never had this blur in my old house/city. When i moved to this new house/city i got it. i never changed not even single cable after moving to this new house. I plug my GPU directly with hdmi cable to my 1080p monitor. This blur(bad image quality) is affecting my eyesight. Even my laptop has it. Yeah it is very likely that the screen itself is getting affected. But when i moved to this new house i noticed micro st
  12. @CanCeralp Again your theories (Issues in Electricity can't cause any anomalies in PC because it's digital) are only applicable to Ideal/Perfect world conditions. You are forgetting that we are living in Real world. Digital does not mean it's independent. We know for sure that for digital world to perform optimally, we need proper fuel. It is dependent. Again you are ignoring other symptoms and have your focus on only AA issues(only issues inside games). It's a very good point raised by some people here that a PC bought brand new shows these symptoms after some TIME OF USE. Also why did it NEV
  13. Electricity/ Flow of Electric charge is like fuel for the electronic devices that they require to operate. Without this fuel they cannot run. My question is if you fill up your car with bad fuel will it run properly? Obviously you will see some performance issues. Similarly if the Electric Charge flowing through electronic devices has something wrong they will also show some symptoms depending upon what specific type of issue is present in the fuel/Electricity that you are introducing in them. If you are wondering that PSU will take care of it. Then keep in mind PSUs are designed to operate in
  14. Agreed 100%. There should be no doubt about it that it's either Electricity or Interference. When it comes to testing brand new rigs i think you have done more than enough to prove that it has to do something with the place we are living at. Take my example. I was playing games without any such issue in my old house/city. As soon as i moved to this new house/city (500km away with different grid). I got this issue both in my laptop and gaming PC. This does not mean that the entire city has this issue. As i have not tested new rigs at different places in this new city so i can't comment if it's
  15. Not using PC for a couple of days is similar to holding power button for couple of minutes while device is unplugged. Both method discharges stored energy in capacitors. It's also possible that whatever is bad in Electricity is appearing and disappearing for you and for rest of us it's always there. It's not a virus let me explain: Virus that goes away when it doesn't get any attention for couple of days like you have mentioned. There is no such virus out there. Virus that can affect all Audio Video devices(PC, console, phone) in a house at the same time does not exist