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  1. I plan on getting the msi z390 Meg godlike mobo, accompanied by the i7 8700k, 32gigs of G.Skill's Trident Z RGB ram, and a couple of nvme m.2s for storage. I'm fairly new to building and wasn't sure if flashing the bios right from the get go (before installing the OS) will be necessary. A friend informed me that he had the same set up, except he was using the i9 9900k and ran into RAM frequency issues, so he had to update his bios. Might anyone know if I'll have to do the same? If so, can you direct me to good guide on how to do so? It would be my first time attempting to update bios.
  2. Thank you for your input. I'm new to building, so tidbits of information like this is really helpful for me.
  3. That's very informative. Thank you. Another question I have, unrelated to the subject is: did you use gpt or mbr in the bios when installing windows on your nvme? Also, I plan to install a second nvme m.2 through the chipset. Will my bandwidth be affected at all while using 1 for the OS and the other for everything else?
  4. I read this in another forum: "I have a brand new MSI Z390 motherboard and am using a Samsung 970 EVO NVMe x4 M.2 drive. It causes my GPU to go into x8 mode since the 9900k CPU only has 16 pcie lanes and there is no PLX chip on the motherboard and as of yet I don't know any that do. It can and will take those lanes away. It all depends on your CPU and motherboard. Some motherboards have a PLX chip which will allow switching so that you have more effective lanes." What this person is saying contradicts what you just told me. Can you link me some information if what you say is true?
  5. So I'm planning on making a completely new z390 build (which has 24 lanes in the chipset). I plan on installing windows 10 on an nvme m.2 through the motherboard's pcie chipset. My only issue is that I'm worried it will take away from the CPU's pcie lanes because I've read that a motherboard needs an PLX chip or something. I only plan to use 1 graphics card and wish to keep the full 16 lanes for that card. Will my nvme m.2's take from the cpu? Or will it take from the chipsets pch lanes?