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  1. mastertyler04

    Weird Random BSOD and dissapearing of SSD drives

    I would first reset windows then if that does not work get a new motherboard.
  2. mastertyler04

    PC Stuttering and Choppy-ness

    I see on your video you replaced just about everything could be something like a faulty motherboard with bad vrms or something like that i would suggest replacing the motherboard.
  3. mastertyler04

    Lap top keeps shutting down

    just replace the thermal paste you can never go wrong doing that.
  4. mastertyler04

    Motherboard with blown caps

    I have a Motherboard with 3 blown caps. Was wondering as all the caps are 6.3v 1800uf caps can they be replaced with 6.3v 2200uf or 6.3 1000uf.
  5. mastertyler04

    Usb FlashDrive as Virtual Memory

    In that case ill buy a cheap 32 or 64gb ssd thanks.
  6. With FX Cpu's (I got the 6300 @4.2) the issue is smaller but i still saw a big performance hit with the patches on like 10% on cinebench also some issues with vulcan with the patches for some reason.
  7. mastertyler04

    Usb FlashDrive as Virtual Memory

    Before I get started I am fine if this kills a couple of usb drives over time. Also I know it is not super efficient I only need this for cities:skylines which can use upwards of 40Gbs worth of page file. After attempting to use readyboost (No luck, Not supported) I went into the virtual mem settings in the control panel only to find the usb drive is not their either after trying (unsuccessfully) to enable write caching on the drive which windows says does not support it. I am stuck. Ideas? I could trim down my 5000 assets for the game but I realllyyyyy dont want to.
  8. mastertyler04

    Cant use my AMD gpu for more than a display adapter

    yeah no igpu (AMD 990 Chipset) but thanks i get your point. you think it would be possible to assign a gpu another way like to parsec or obs.
  9. mastertyler04

    Cant use my AMD gpu for more than a display adapter

    its (The 6450) outputting the displays but the work on the displays is being run on the 1050 and i need it to be run on the 6450 and the windows built in gpu selector does not have the 6450 as an option. its only the 1050 as the option
  10. mastertyler04

    Cant use my AMD gpu for more than a display adapter

    the 1050 does not have enough video ports but i still wanna utilize the power of the 6450 not the 1050 on the other screens.
  11. mastertyler04

    Cant use my AMD gpu for more than a display adapter

    i did look this up the crimson drivers are supposed to work with the nvidia drivers and the crimson drivers see both the 1050 and the 6450 but the nvidia drivers dont and windows is defaulting to the nvidia drivers.
  12. My Nvidia 1050 is running all the tasks and the amd 6450 is just running as a display adapter this is not ideal and i cant figure it out windows only sees the 1050 as a gpu (not the 6450) I have all drivers installed.