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    Ryzen 5 1500x
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    Asus x470 pro-prime
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    16gb crucial 2666
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    Gtx 1050

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  1. Psu is an Evga BR 750 and it makes this noise depending on what the pc is doing and it’s quite loud what should I do?? It’s 9 months old FullSizeRender.mov
  2. It does have UEFI but the issue is that its disabled for usb devices so it fails to boot when ever something is UEFI only so like Gallium os live tool wont start but Ubuntu will (one is UEFI only one is both) but the ubuntu live tool starts in Bios mode and the install in UEFI (Edited for clarity)
  3. My Computer does not support UEFI but when Ubuntu installs it thinks that it does, installs on the drive and then does not boot from that drive I am not sure how to proceed. This is on a Chromebook.
  4. A bit but mostly recording games like Minecraft and Cities:Skylines
  5. 230USD I was also looking at the 1660 as a possible upgrade
  6. I have a 1050 2gb and wanted to get something with at least 8gb of Vram it looks like the 5500xt and 1070 both have that and are both around 230 which is my max price what should I get or should I get something else? I do have an OK system besides the gpu (1500X X470-Prime 750 evga psu etc.)
  7. It might also just be that apple quality. Macbooks always fail just as they hit apples "vintage" and that machine is not far from it. Another way that you could check is to run windows (boot-camp) and see if it does the same then you can rule out hardware or software. But if it just started working just cross your fingers it keeps working and back up your data.
  8. This machine has a Samsung ssd and currently nothing will load at all even if I wanted to reset it the machine hangs as soon as its booted. Looking it up someone said turning it upside down and shaking it works and they have no clue why lol. But I am going to FaceTime with him tomorrow to try and troubleshoot.
  9. I had this issue once before I gave it to him but it resolved itself, I reset it before I gave it to him thats why I don't really know what to do, It fixed itself and I got myself a new Surface pro before I noticed
  10. Judging by your location on your profile could the logic board be corroded in some way with the humidity in Florida. It would explain the odd behavior
  11. So I gave my friend a Lenovo ThinkPad yoga (i7 5600u) and he just messaged me not even a week after using it that its not booting and its stuck at the Lenovo splash screen. Sometimes the machine will pull up the windows loading icon but then freeze but you can't get into the bios. I want to help him but have no clue what to do because I can't tell him to re seat ram or anything because every thing is soldered on. What should I do?
  12. Could the machine be shutting itself off to save power if the battery is aging? edit(word choice)
  13. You could also try to manually disable the onboard video in the bios and see if that helps
  14. I would try an alternate motherboard and ram it looks kinda like what happens if the ram is pulled out when it’s running so it might be a loose slot on the board. Try and find a temporary motherboard to test and try out your ram sticks one by one