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  1. Sorry, I know, vague question but for context, I’m planning to buy the new R5 3600, or possibly a 3700(x) depending on pricing/budget. The 2 motherboards I’m currently looking at would be the Asrock b450m pro4 or steel legend (leaning towards the steel legend), and then the Asrock x570m pro 4 (GN had a picture of it from Computex). The X570M according to GN has a 8+2 VRM while the B450 motherboards have 4+2 from what I can gather. Is it important to have those 4 extra phases when overclocking a Ryzen 5 or 7, or is the performance/stability difference nominal? Sort of related is wether PCI-E gen 4 is really needed at all, but for my use case I *probably* won’t need it seeing as I’m running a Vega 56 right now, nor have the budget or use case for any Gen 4 SSDs, let alone in RAID. I get that since neither Ryzen 3000 or the X570 board have been out for reviews yet everything is speculative, I’m more curious about the ramifications of different VRM configs.
  2. CupONoodles

    Vega 56 on 64 Bios Power Swings

    That what I was suspecting, I've reverted back to the stock higher power 56 BIOS but do you think lowering the power target would help any?
  3. CupONoodles

    Vega 56 on 64 Bios Power Swings

    Hi all, I just got my Vega 56 and after doing control benchmarks I decided to jump straight into doing a Vega 64 Bios Flash. I have an Asrock Phantom Gaming model which as far I know is reference (I mean the cooler is reference so I think it's pretty fair to say). When I load up the Tomb Raider: DOX demo and sit in the first scene, with clocks in P7 down to 1552 MHz and the power target at +50%, I get wild power consumption occilation and subsequently the clocks follow suit. I should also note that the fans will ramp up and then slowly come down only to ramp up again and repeat. I'm using the Vega 64 LC bios since the other 2 would not give display out when I flashed them. I tested this on the default power saving BIOS and no such issues. Any help would be appreciated
  4. CupONoodles

    Separate PSU for a GPU?

    So something like this? And just press the power switch for MB and the back of the PSU at the same time? https://aphnetworks.com/tutorials/psu_paperclip_trick
  5. CupONoodles

    Separate PSU for a GPU?

    So I’m currently running a salvaged Lenovo Thinkcentre which has a proprietary PSU. I’m hoping to build a system from scratch this summer for Ryzen 3rd gen. However I saw a good deal on a Vega 56 but since the PSU I have had no PCIe power, would it be a problem to run 2 PSUs, the proprietary one for the system, and something like a CXM 550/650W on the GPU? Otherwise the only other option I see would be take a chance on the V56 not being available later in the summer or pulling the trigger on the rest of the system. tl;dr: is it safe to run 2 PSUs on one system?
  6. CupONoodles

    How is this for a browsing machine

    Honestly, for only browsing, I think an Intel NUC might suit your needs, plus take up a lot less space. NUC- $260 US 8gb DDR3- $50 US 240GB Crucial SSD- $40 US for a total of $350, plus it already has wifi and Bluetooth and according to Google, it translates to 300 Euros-ish. Granted it is all based on US availability and pricing but I'm sure you can find similarly spec-ed parts. EDIT: I forgot windows so add another $100 for home or so
  7. CupONoodles

    Usefulness of hyper threading/SMT

    Ohh I see... Thanks that makes a lot more sense.
  8. So from my understanding hyperthreading/SMT allows a CPU to take on two tasks from 2 threads at once, giving an illusion of simultaneous operations. My question then is it still useful when desktop CPUs have 6+ cores in the case of a Ryzen 5/7 or an i7? I can understand how this made sense in CPUs with 1 or 2 or so cores but is it really necessary to run that many things in parallel with 12 or 16 or even 64? Or in multicore tasks does it provide any performance benefit for there to be more threads. The way I visualize it there's still only 6 cash registers they just add more lines and jump between them, the speed isn't increased physically, there's just more lines to pick from. Or I could be totally wrong and completely misunderstand all this.
  9. CupONoodles

    Wireless TKL Rec?

    Hi all, I'm looking to eventually buy a wireless TKL keyboard (as the title suggests). I'm looking for something that is cheap, preferably under $40. I don't need a mechanical keyboard, though I do really like the feel of my current keyboard, which is a typecover cover of a Surface 4. Something low latency would be good since I am still looking to game casually on it, however, a keyboard that has an overall lowkey look would be nice. (No "gamer" look, just something lowkey but functional)
  10. CupONoodles

    Wireless Mouse Recommendations?

    Brand I could care less, as long as it’s built well. Same about the racer it’s just something that was laying around the house. I wasn’t sure what the price ranges were, since I’ve seen anything from 15 to 150.
  11. CupONoodles

    Wireless Mouse Recommendations?

    Hi all, I’m looking to buy a new mouse, something wireless. I was looking at the Logitech G305 but I was wonder if anyone knew any alternative mice that were similar but cheaper, granted $50 I’m pretty sure is already on the lower end for mice. I do game casually but I’m really looking for something for all around use, as well as something without an obvious ‘Gamer’ aesthetic would be a plus. For reference I’m coming off a Logitech Racer.
  12. CupONoodles

    Any Monitor Recomendations?

    Awesome, thanks!
  13. CupONoodles

    Any Monitor Recomendations?

    I think anything between 25” and 32” should be pretty good
  14. CupONoodles

    Any Monitor Recomendations?

    Hi I’m currently looking for a monitor for both casual gaming and photo/video editing, 1440p, with 60hz being perfectly fine. I also am hoping to have something with good color reproduction and coverage as well as freesync but depending on how the GPU market changes this coming year that may or may not be as important. I’m currently looking at an AOC Q3279VWFD8 (which is 1440p, 60hz, freesync, has 10 bit color, and goes on sale for 250 every once in a while) and don’t want to spend more that 300
  15. CupONoodles

    NVMe Drive in PCI-E 2 x4?

    The motherboard I'm looking at (an MSI B450m Mortar) has a second M.2 Slot but only supports PCI-E 2 x4. Will this bottleneck say a 970 EVO? (I assume so) and if so what would be an appropriate drive for said slot.