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    is something wrong with my monitor?

    How did you fix it?
  2. Hello... I'm trying to figure out if I need to return the used Asus XB271HU bmiprz monitor I bought from Amazon through their Amazon Warehouse store. 27inch 1440p Gaming IPS monitor that can go up to 144 Hz with G-sync. After adjusting it to a lower brightness, IPS glow and backlight bleeding are unnoticeable under normal use (even if showing full-screen black) in a decently lit room. I can definitely see it under a completely dark room, but with lowered brightness, it's less noticeable than on the default bright AF brightness settings, enough that I don't mind it. So far, everything is good, except... Issue 1 - Horizontal banding when checking for dead pixels: While testing the monitor with https://www.checkpixels.com/test.html/ (dead pixel test) I noticed that when I have the browser window in windowed mode, a horizontal band that spans across the screen would appear where the specially coloured pages are shown. The banding moves when the window moves. The issue does NOT show up in screenshots/screen capture, just on the monitor. This makes me suspect it's the monitor, not the graphics card that's causing it. See attached for photos of with the test and without the test in windowed mode. This banding goes away when I close the window or navigate away from that page. The same thing also happens when I use this test: http://www.techmind.org/lcd/phasing.html Issue 2 - 144 Hz artifacts/flickering: I've also noticed on occasion, at 144 Hz certain parts of the screen, especially around the edges of certain windows, there would be a weird artifacting. Gsync on or off did not make a difference. The issue went away when I switched the refresh rate to 120 Hz and remained gone even if I switch back to 144 Hz I can't seem to replicate the issue after I resolved it this way, but I have seen it happen at least two times now. This issue also does not show up in screenshots. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo when this issue occurred. Are these issues enough that I should refund the monitor and pick up something else? Are they even issues?? My rig: Mobo: ASUS ROG mobo (can provide model if needed) CPU: i5-4590 RAM: 16 GB RAM Graphics Card: ASUS Strix GTX 970 OC HDD: 250 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD, 525 GB Crucial MX300 SSD, 1 TB WD HDD