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  1. Well, after giving it a good search in other foruns and MSI`s website I was able to kind of have the solution myself. The memory controller nowadays is on the cpu, so that is gonna decide the memory speed limit, on Zen2 for the b450 tomahawk(non max) compatibility list you can find all the memorys that are compatible, Gskill`s are there, crucial ballistx isnt, i guess im gonna go with that
  2. Yeah, thats what it says on MSI`s website, but as i said in the original post, maybe something due to 1st and 2nd gen ryzens?
  3. Hi guys, I am currently happy with my system(ryzen 3700x) , but some money has come along and im thinking in upgrading my current RAM (3200MHZ CL16) for a 3600MHz CL16, Im looking into the two models in the links below (both are in portuguese, but the model and name are the same as in english), but my main doubt is: will the b450 tomahawk (non max)+ 3700x run the 3600MHZ ram normally? In MSI`s website it says it only supports up to 3466MHZ (OC), but i think that is due to being a 1st and 2nd gen ryzen board with a BIOS update to 3rd gen, Gskill site says Neo Tridentz are for ryzen 3000 on x570 boards. And if yes, it will work normally, which of them both do i go for???? Crucial Ballistx are cheaper, but since ddr3 i only have experience with G.skill`s memory Thanks! https://www.kabum.com.br/cgi-local/site/produtos/descricao_ofertas.cgi?codigo=104917 https://www.kabum.com.br/produto/110139/mem-ria-crucial-ballistix-sport-lt-rgb-16gb-2x8-3600mhz-ddr4-cl16-vermelha-bl2k8g36c16u4rl
  4. It will hold on at least until the next gen (amd and intel) comes out, no need to go for the 9700k. And also, you are already playing these games without any concerns, no major releases that will need an upgrade from that will come out (maybe cyberpunk, but idk), so u are fine
  5. I had a similar problem, but it was with a 1070 (if u want to see a more in depth description of it you can go to an old post i did here), i tried various things: DDU and install new driver, different DP cables, different power cables to the gpu, but nothing worked, the only thing i had left was to RMA it and the store i bought confirmed it was a fabric issue with the card, so they replaced for a 2070 (which was a replace for the 1070 price since it was already one year old). For u, it might seem the card is just dying from age, since u have the build for 5 years, but idk, just giving a word from what happened to me here is the video of my problem i used as one of the proofs for the RMA (it happened most in csgo smokes, not once in heaven or other benchmarks) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdOJmRqBiCc&t=60s
  6. Well, if money is not a problem... 3700x, those 2 extra cores are nice for rendering stuff, but there will be no noticible difference in gaming, may i suggest a 3600 with a 2070 super or 2060 super, idk the prices where you live or if u already have the 2060
  7. You are looking to deep into it, even pros dont do that, Just look at csgo pro settings, most still uses 1080's/1080 ti's. As i said, the main difference is in the monitor and peripherals that need to be ultra low lantency/ high refresh rate and thats why CS pros dont even understand that much about PC Hardware, but they do a lot of research on mices, keyboards, monitors... Another example, ESL used to use i7's 9700k for their Championships last year Also, dont use Aida/other hardware benchmarks as your main gaming reference, because of course a memory specific test will show differences between high end systems, but dont expect a old ass engine like source to benefit from that Bottom of the line is, anything with a 6 core and great IPC (ryzen3600/i59600k and above) will run CS almost exactly the same (FPS and stability wise). The advantage of a i7 or i9 is running other things in the background, like Discord or faceit/esea anticheats And just a heads up, CSGO matchmaking servers are awful, 64 tick and all their shit variations will be way more notocible than CAS latency of your system RAM. If you are really into the competitive scene, i suggest u look into faceit/esea or whatever is stronger in your region, here GamersClub is the best for example...
  8. Thats the normal booting procedure, my Tomahawk also does that. When i had a bad GPU (needed to RMA`d it) the VGA debug LED was always on and no video was showing, so thats how they work
  9. Im into very competitive CSGO, so i did a lot of research before buying my PC focused into this, so i would suggest to go CL16 and use the 30$ difference to focus on a 240HZ with 1ms or less response time monitor, im currently running AOC AGON AG251FZ2 and its pretty good. Also, as Source engine is old, nowadays CPU will run the game exactly the same, I have a friend with a 3600x, one with a 9900k, and they get the same Framerates/Frametimes as me. So, as a final awnser, i would say get the CL16 (No input Lag diference from CL16 to CL14 RAM) and focus on the monitor, its the most important thing for CS, alongside the CPU itself...
  10. Hi, im also into CSGO competitive gameplay, and with my ryzen 3700x i went with cl16 because its cheaper and i still get above 300 fps average, with drops to like 240-250 fps in smoke executes with a lot o f bullets in maps like inferno, so i would say for intel (that its not as memory speed hunger as ryzen) you should be fine with CL16. Now, if the price is around the same then go with cl14
  11. Hi, really dumb question, but in order to mantain zero rpm mode in a custom fan curve (since default only goes up to 65%), do i only put 0 rpm until like 55C ( is what the default fan curve starts ramping up). My question is because i dont want to harm my hardware putting zero rpm in a custom curve
  12. Hi, even applying PBO in ryzen master and using it normally, after i restart the PC it goes back to the default plan, any idea why?
  13. For gaming, both have the same performance, but for studying and 3d applications those 2 extra cores and 4 extra threads really help (im a engineer student and i have a 3700x due to 3d moddeling applications), since you are going all out (360mm WC, ROG X570, 5700xt) i would go for the 3700x, maybe in future games (next year or 2) will also benefit a lot from those extra cores, specially with the new console gen coming
  14. On the ones you listed, i would go for ryzen, cheaper and better for streaming + gaming
  15. Yes, i went with b450, since back in july x570 prices were absurd, and the only difference is pcie gen4 (which ssds were also way overpriced). Since u said u care a lot about looks (i dont blame u, i love looks as well,but im limited by my money hahaha) i would go with any of the chipsets but with a ROG or Aorus since those are more "gaming" like with rgb and all that kind of stuff, so for example: you are building a orange/black theme, u can set the LEDs in the ROG mobo into orange, way simpler than buying a mobo that has orange parts, get it? In the chipset battle, i would say x570 is nice because it will support further ryzen generations (not sure about that with b450) and pci gen 4 ssds will eventually come down in price, also if u buy a b450 u need to update your BIOS, thats why i choose MSI`s board, that doesnt need a 2nd gen ryzen CPU to update it.
  16. I had the same doubt back in july and went with 3700x due to the extra threads for future proof and a bit cheaper, which with the diference i invested in a 480GB ssd. No regrets to be fair, even not being a good cpu for OC (it does reach 4.3-4.4 in some cores during games, 4.2 max all core load), it doesnt make much of a diference since it performs amazing. Also, u have fast enough RAM to go with it. Thats my opinion as a 3700x owner, maybe wait for a feedback of someone with the i7? As a mobo i went with tomahawk due to BIOS flash button, but here it is a list of vrms and quality of all boards for am4 and ryzen 3000: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9_E3h8bLp-TXr-0zTJFqqVxdCR9daIVNyMatydkpFA/htmlview?sle=true#gid=639584818. One thing, it runs a bit hot ( but i believe the 9700k also does), but the dark rock will be enough, just make sure to update the chipset and BIOS to the latest versions that fixes the voltage thing.
  17. Not everyone necessarily knows that, no need to be rude about it. And to you @TH3M4DR4TT3R, i would reccomend the same as both guys said above, get a nice psu, it will be worth the investment in the future, because a bad psu can kill all the components of a PC
  18. 2x200 in front (intake) 1x120 exhaust in the back, positive pressure, gpu doesnt go over 65C, for the cooler getting hot ima have to test it
  19. Voltages high like all ryzen 3000, but not getting close to all review temps, my pc is the on the signature, enough airflow i believe and all fans on and during stress teste the noctua one hits 1500 rpm, its maximum, already try different programs like aida,hwinfo and ryzen master itself
  20. I was able to CCX OC to 4.225 and 4.25 at 1.325V, because It was using more voltage than that, but It only got a bit better, like 88C
  21. Actually is hitting that but still boosting, but its quite annoying
  22. Thats what i did, 1-2 degrees cooler, but maybe i Will try a third time If It persists one more week ir after the new AMD BIOS update
  23. Yes, mounted with the recommended pressure (Just a tiny bit more after both the screws stop) and cleaned and reapplied all the paste the first time from wraith to u14s and same for the reinstall of the noctua, Will try to see If the base is hot.