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    laptop computing, laptop gaming, VR, cloud computing.
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    I was born at an early age and retired at an early age, forty years old, I have 3 kids who are all computer mad and I love new tech...
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    Intel i5 6300HQ
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    16GB 2133MHz Kingston (2x8GB)
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    Nvidia 1060GTX (6GB)
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    1TB 7200rpm HDD and a 128GB Samsung SSD
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    Windows 10/Linux

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  1. I think this is going to be my option..
  2. I've got myself a toughbook cf-c2ah10hba and all I get is a password prompt when I start it up. I can't access the bios at all no matter which buttons I press on the keyboard. I get the Panasonic splash screen and then a box saying "password". After 3 attempts it reboots to the same thing. I have no access to Windows either. The only thing I can think of would be to remove the cmos battery and the laptop battery and discharge everything or (a friend's suggestion) remove the hard drive from the toughbook, connect it to another pc, and use diskpart to clean it completely and then put it ba
  3. I changed the settings in rufus and have now booted to W10 instal screen.. Thanks all for your help...?
  4. Thank you... building your own PC looked easy in the video my son showed me??
  5. I am using rufus again and setting it to the settings "partition scheme-mbr and target system bios." and will try again.. I'll keep ya posted as to what happens and may well be back again for more help... Thanks.
  6. the step I need is getting from bios to having W10 installed on the M.2... sorry about being vague but this is all newish to me...?
  7. I have looked at the boot menu and changed the boot order to boot from usb but then get a message saying that the drive I've created can only boot in uefi mode and if I want to boot from this drive in bios/legacy mode then I should recreate it in rufus using partition scheme-mbr and target system bios...
  8. Thanks to all for the help , much appreciated, especially the advice about the psu..
  9. still facing problems with my son's build and being a newb to pc building need help again.. I have created a flash drive (using rufus) which I've plugged into my mobo, asrock ASRock B450M-HDV, and have an M.2 drive on the mobo as well.. I want to boot from the flash drive and then instal W10 on the M.2.. how would I go about this. I can boot to bios no problem but don't know where to go from there, as always thank you for your help..
  10. Thank you both, much appreciated.. My first AMD build and still learning.. I'm using a justop 500W power supply BTW...
  11. HELPPPPPPPPPPP................... We have been putting things together on my sons build all apart from the rx570 as I have no molex to 6 pin connector handy (arriving tomorrow) but I have found a fatal flaw in that I get nothing at all on my monitor..I have a mouse plugged into the mobo usb 3 port which is lit up nicely and a keyboard plugged in but the hdmi port from the mobo gives me nothing.. I have a 240GB M.2 drive fitted and have windows ready to install from a usb drive but it won't display anything... Mobo is ASRock B450M-HDV, cpu is AMD Ryzen 5 1600, gpu is rx570 (not installed),
  12. Thanks to you both, much appreciated, this looks like the build then.. My son is down at the weekend and it's his birthday so it looks like we'll be shopping for parts.. thanks again to you all for the help...? it's a great forum where you can post for help and get your problems sorted within half an hour...
  13. Hi, I have a budget of around £300-£350 but am happy with second hand parts as it's more for the build experience.. I'm good with the AMD 3600 (non-X) version and an RX 570 at present but am open to change on anything really.. I have no build experience either so it's a steep learning curve for dad and son.. small form factor is good though cos I'm pushed for space.. Thanks for the help...
  14. Thanks very much for the info, I'm more tempted by an AMD cpu because I've never used one in any previous PC and had also looked at the rx570 so I'm pleased that you thought that would be a good choice as well.. A 3600 and a RX570 on the second hand market look reasonably priced .. I had also thought of a smaller ssd with a bigger 7200 hdd (2TB).. Thanks again for the help...
  15. I want to start a project, using second hand parts, for my 11 year old son.. I was thinking of a mini atx build to start him on the road to PC building but wondered if this is going to be my cheapest option or my bestest option even.. Like every 11 year old he wants a PC that will play Fortnite and Minecraft on medium settings and like every dad I want him to be able to do his homework on it.. If anybody has a cheap build they've done or know of a guide on here for one I would be appreciative, also any advice on pitfalls and traps would be of help.. I am looking at a mini atx build b