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    Pc gaming, money, tech


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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Aorus B450 Elite
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    16GB Ram
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    MSI GTX 980
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    Cooler Master H500
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    Samsung 500GB 860 Evo, 1TB Seagate Barracuda 512GB Adata Xpg Spectrix RGB
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    CoolerMaster Masterwatt Lite 500W
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    Aoc c24g1
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    Corsair K68 RGb
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    Razor DeathAdder Elite
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    Windows 10

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  1. This are just tests but not real use what is the real difference? In my case
  2. But is the difference really notable in my use cases
  3. Yeah it’s 15 inch and th acer 14 so both pro and a con. And design wise I like them both but the acer is lighter and idk which design I like more it’s really annoying but the processor difference isn’t that much right? In like programming premiere pro and some gaming?
  4. I forgot to mention they are the same price.
  5. I’m going to buy a laptop but I don’t know which one to pick I’m looking at the lenovo ideapad s540: specs: i7 8565u 8gb ram (upgradable to 12) gtx 1650 max q 512 Gb m.2(also slot for another 2.5 inch) Acer Swift 3 SF314-57G specs: i7 10th gen g model 8gb ram( not upgradable mx250 512gb m.2 which one should I pick I use the laptop for: programming school light gAming like minecraft watching Netflix yt etc
  6. Hi I am going to buy a new laptop on Black Friday I saw the ACER Swift 3 (SF314-57G-73WL) and I really like it the design is nice lightweight 1.19kg good battery is this a good pick? the model has an i7 10th gen (g model) mx250 8gb ram 512gb ssd And is the 8gb enough? And is it future proof enough for like 3 years becuase if I’m right it’s not ram uprgradable correct me if I’m wrong i am going to use it for simple 1080 video edititng school programming (python, c#, HTML, etc...) some occasional simple gaming(modded/vanilla Minecraft)
  7. Definitely build it’s cheaper
  8. In my country on another website also is a i5 with 1650 model but that’s the model yes
  9. It says this: Du har ikke valgt nogen produkter til sammenligning. Vælg afkrydsningsfeltet for sammenligning ud for de produkter, du vil sammenligne.
  10. Okay you convinced me but how much longer future proof do you think
  11. I5 8265U and i7 8565U and I just found out the i7 model has 60hz display and the i5 model 50hz
  12. The price difference is an is 100 euros but I kinda do have the money on one side but on the other side I don’t I’m hasitating
  13. I was looping to get a new laptop and saw the lenovo IdeaPad s540 and i was wondering if I should pick the i5 or i7 model I want to use this for school, stuff like programming (visual studio, psych arm etc) some light editing in premiere pro 1080p and just daily stuff watching YouTube and browsing and stuff and maybe some light gaming i5 and i7 otter specs 1650 Max q 8gb ram 512gb ssd and is 8gb enough? it is possible to upgrade it to 12gb for 30 euros
  14. Yes I indeed meant the windforce but thanks I’m gonna wait out the prices on Black Friday