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  1. A few days ago I watched a YouTube video I think it was IFR... There was a radiator, but it wasn't connected to the loop. Not much of a help but...
  2. Gorange

    AMD Radeon 7 Founders edition

    I think it's not worth it.. AMD showed it's on par with 2080, but they showed the comparison for just a couple of games. I think it will fall behind in most cases. Also the 2080 gives you DLSS and Real time Raytracing, basically you get more for the same price. I would say wait for the reviews and decide for yourself, but in my opinion if you want to upgrade the 2080 will be a better bang for the buck.
  3. Thanks, I'll try tomorrow and see what happens.
  4. That's interesting. One of the boards is Asus Rampage V Extreme, the other Asrock x99 extreme 4. If I understand correctly, the Asus one can POST with GPU only?
  5. Yeah, that's what I thought, but decided to ask just in case. Thanks for the confirmation!
  6. You meant CPU, right?
  7. Hello, I got a couple x99 motherboards, but I don't know if they work. I also don't have compatible CPU. Is there any way to tell whether or not they're working, like using a multimeter or something similar?
  8. That's cool! I'd love to see an update with the results. I'll try to delid my old core 2 duo, since I still keep it lol... If everything goes without problems I'll probably do the same with the 4790k.
  9. Thanks for the input! I was thinking about deliding my CPU as well, but I'm a bit scared to do it. I red somewhere (I think it was a thread in overclockers.com) that deliding your CPU also helps you to achieve stable OC with lower voltage, is that so? I always thought it just helps to keep the temps low.
  10. Hello, I have a 4790k and I'm thinking about making a custom loop for it in the near future (mainly because I got two 390x cards with water blocks for a bargain). So I decided to see how far I can push the CPU on air. I'm currently using a Cooler Master Evo 212. So first thing that worries me is the voltage. I did some research, tried to check what's the highest voltage you can push through the CPU without degrading it quickly and got mixed response. It varied from 1.25v to 1.4v... So what is considered a safe voltage? Can you push more voltage if the chip is 'under water'? Does anyone have experience with that chip? As it's a 4 years old chip, I'd assume people running it at higher voltages would've noticed any degradation. If so could you share what voltage and multiplier you used? I managed to push my chip to 4.9ghz at 1.350v and 5ghz at 1.4ghz (I haven't tested the 5ghz oc much thought, so I'm not sure how stable that is.) The 4.9ghz seems to be pretty stable. I used AIDA64 to test it. The temps weren't too high either. Under 100% load the hottest core was in the high 60s and at 5ghz it went up to the mid 70s (then again I only tested it for about 5-10mins at that speed because I'm not sure the voltage was safe). I decided to leave it at stock speed, 1v until I get all the parts needed for the custom loop. My motherboard is also one of the cheapest z97 motherboards I could find back in the days - Gigabyte z97 hd3. Will I notice better results if I get a better one? If so what motherboard would you recommend? I found a few nice z87 motherboards for sale locally (Gigabyte g1.sniper 5 and Asus Maximus VI Extreme), I know that the bios must be updated before using haswell refresh processors, but other than that is there any major difference in the z87 and z97 chipsets when it comes to overclocking the 4790k? That's all I can think of now. If anything else pops in my mind I will update my post. Also sorry for the wall of text... I highlighted my questions, so hopefully it will be easier for you!
  11. Gorange

    What HDD should I get for my gaming PC?

    @Princess Cadence A friend of mine had bad experience with Seagate's BarraCuda lineup. He got two 1TB ones fail on him. It was a couple of years ago though and one can't really judge on such a small scale. @_d0nut I want something a bit bigger, but thanks for the suggestions! @jstudrawa I googled whether or not Toshiba makes durable hard drives and a few topics popped up in another big tech forum. People were saying that Toshiba makes great laptops but HDDs - not so much. You probably guessed those topics were quite old. @SSD Sean I'll probably do that. The price is not bad and on paper they look solid! Sorry for my late reply and thanks to anyone who replied!
  12. Hi, it's been a while since the last time I was shopping for a hard drive. I have a Hitachi hdd which is like 8-9 years old and it's working perfectly fine even now, even if it's a little noisy. The problem is it's only 500GB, which seems to not be enough anymore. I was browsing for a new one today, but the reviews didn't help much, as they were really opposing. I was looking at Toshiba x300 5TB (HDWE150EZSTA), which for a 5TB 7200rpm seems like a bargain. But a lot of people argue that Toshiba doesn't make 'quality' hard drives. Then I found Hitachi Deskstar NAS 4TB (NAS400012872SWW / 0S04005), which costs about the same. Once again it's 7200rpm, but obviously it's a NAS drive. Will there be any drawbacks in using a NAS drive on my PC (it's mostly used for gaming)? Should I go with Toshiba or is it a bad idea? What would you recommend?
  13. Currently I'm looking to purchase a laptop. I'll be using it mostly for university and watching movies/YouTube. I usually game on my PC, but while I'm away from home I might play some games too. So, I found two pretty good offers (almost identical in price). The first one is Alienware 18 with the following specs: GPU: GTX 780m 4gb Sli RAM: 16GB DDR3 CPU: i7-4900mq Display: 18.4-inch Full HD display Memory: 1TB 7200rpm HDD (no SSD) I like this one mainly because of the display. I also fancy the design. I can snag a 250GB Samsung 960 Evo SSD pretty cheap so the absence of SSD is not a big deal. It weights like 6 kilos but I have a car, so I won't be carrying it around on my own. The battery life is also not so great. On the other hand we have MSI GS40: GPU: GTX 970m 3gb RAM: 16GB DDR4 CPU: i7-6700hq Display: 14-inch Full HD display Memory: 1TB 7200rpm HDD 250GB m.2 SSD This one is obviously newer. It weights just about 2 times less than the Alienware. The battery life is A LOT better. However, the 14 inch display is a bit of a deal breaker.. A friend of mine have the same laptop and it gets hot under load, like really hot. The fans are a bit noisy as well. Which one do you think I should get?
  14. @BelgianNoise, @Tristerin You're most likely right that it's broken, but as @Tristerin said 25 USD wouldn't break the bank, so I'll give it a shot!
  15. @BelgianNoise Thanks I thought the same but then again - better be safe than sorry... @Tristerin The motherboard is Asus Maximus Hero VII and it's priced around 25 USD. The seller will send it via courier and I'll have like ~15 minutes to test it before I pay - sounds pretty safe. Then again the seller is a bit shady.. it's quite hard to communicate with him, takes forever to reply and dodges some questions, so you might have a point!