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  1. It's a trade-off. Tempered glass will shattered if handled incorrectly (which is generally harder than it sounds, really), but is scratch- and chemical-resistant. Acrylic/Plexiglass scratches if you look at it wrong, isn't very chemical-resistant, and also isn't especially strong.
  2. How have you been trying to boot the system? If you don't have a power button (or equivalent), it won't start. The switch on the power supply just disconnects it from mains.
  3. @Tucci149 Have you plugged in the case power button?
  4. With 32GB of RAM, you'll basically never touch the page file. Having a entire separate drive for it is pretty pointless.
  5. In my experience, powerline's latency is all over the board, so probably not.
  6. That's precisely what Apple is expecting by not including a new one. Should work fine.
  7. I can't say this for certain, but it's possible both the hub and the ports on the computer don't have isolated 5V supplies, so the 5V being supplied to the hub is actually feeding back into the port, and from that port going to all the others that are powered together on the motherboard. Not exactly dangerous, if my above postulation is true, but definitely not great design practice.
  8. *Linus *more *segues (TBH if there were Segways involved, I might stick around for them more often)
  9. Step 1: Buy any laptop that supports USB-PD charging (I like the Lenovo Flex 5 AMD) Step 2: Buy USB-PD battery bank (× however many needed) Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit, and long battery life.
  10. If you're not using SMBv1 (which Windows has off by default anyways, preferring SMBv2 or 3, so probably not), then you're likely fine. Wannacry exploited an issue with SMBv1, so MS's fix was to just disable it.
  11. Yeah, I checked that in the meantime and you're right. I guess AMD figured B450 was good enough (and X570 came out much earlier).
  12. You can run a 2600X in a B550 board (generally, but check specific compatibility on manufacturer's page)
  13. image.png.12b477bfb5730bc1e8c200a7218ef215.png


    *insert "feels good" meme*

  14. Just to be clear, if you have Thunderbolt, get the WD19TB dock (to take full advantage).
  15. I would immediately rebuild my machine if I could get my hands on a Unicorn/Banshee/Phenex-themed motherboard.
  16. I'm sorry, I get a dollar for leaving my computer on overnight churning away at 100%? That falls under "waste of time/energy" to me. Just the electricity alone would be something like $0.03-$0.04 an hour. EDIT: my internet is $0.11/hour, FWIW.
  17. So.... bitcoin? I doubt that there's any way that the individual profit for this sort of venture would outweigh the cost of electricity, let alone hardware wear.
  18. Probably yes, but literally no one here knows for sure.
  19. No, the opposite. The GPU is very likely soldered to the motherboard and there's no changing it.
  20. @Mikealongo What are the rest of your system specifications?
  21. Per the Tech Specs, this model doesn't have Thunderbolt, so no eGPU. Likely the internal GPU is not MXM, so there's little you can upgrade.
  22. There might be an option to install/activate it from inside Magician. Otherwise download and install from here.
  23. Do you have the Samsung drivers installed or are you using the Microsoft default drivers?