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    Engineer, Regional Manager, Designer, Musician


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    2.8Ghz i7
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    16 GB
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    Radeon R9 370X
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    512 SSD, tons of RAID/JBOD
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    APC 1500 UPS + additional battery pack
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    2k 27" Asus IPS
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    Generic old school USB
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    Utilitech Venus MMO Gaming Mouse
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    SPDIF to stereo
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  1. justpoet

    YouTube Is Changing the Way It Displays Subscriber Counts

    Stupid, like most everything youtube.
  2. justpoet

    New universal codec, Basis, may replace JPEG

    Sounds like you want PNG
  3. If those were true statements, this wouldn't be much of a problem. However, as soon as you go to any site that has a "like us on FB" or "Share us on twitter" button, you're known. You don't have to have an account, nor use their service directly, which is a large part of the problem. If FB wants to keep track of what you do while you're on FB, that's fine, that's purely TOS stuff. However, when they do it for every other site as well, even if you're not an FB user, that's not so fine.
  4. Sad, but true, on both accounts. Fortunately, some of us know better and can try to help them have a better life, even if they don't know about it…much like when water standards were put into place for drinking water so lead pipes and the like couldn't be used anymore. Most people had no idea, and it got them water just fine.
  5. Except, a session is just a session. That's kinda what the super cookie was designed to get around…it isn't a normal browser cookie. You also need to go remove all the data from Flash, Java, Shockwave (if anybody remembers or still has it), Silverlight, etc, at the same time. But, thanks to fingerprinting, they'll still all just put it back after you connect to one of the sites with tracking anyway. As for no effect on the user…and it not being negative….that's partially true via perspective, but also not from a grand scheme of things. One can certainly argue that sites being paid more for their advertisement placements is a good thing, and companies not wasting money showing advertisements to people who wouldn't be interested is a good thing too. But, that's really where the "good" side ends. Privacy and anonymity are no longer in your hands when tracking is in place. Then there are things like Google handing over every cell phone user's data and history that was within the area of a crime, and people being falsely targeted by law enforcement, etc. The slippery slope gets pretty nasty, even if it doesn't affect most users today. Except that it really can't be changed and removed. They still have the data, and they still track it all. The only difference if you're not logged in when it happens is that you don't see that they know it, just that recommended things subtly change over time. Even when Google said they would add a feature to remove this, they said from the specific database, not from all their tracking. They're not stupid, that's how they make their money, so they're not going to GIVE you a way to remove their revenue source.
  6. None of that works to stop online tracking, even if it worked (DHCP usually gives you the same IP address, for example). People may remember the tech stories long ago about the "super cookie", and how it hid in everything…that still happens, though fortunately less people have flash/java/silverlight/etc installed and active than before. However, even more importantly, impressions are fingerprinted, so even after you wipe cookies and log out of everything, they still know it is you and just put it all back. You can test yours and read more about it here: https://panopticlick.eff.org and scrolling down to the fingerprint section.
  7. Building a list of people who "opt out" isn't ever effective, as somebody who doesn't care will eventually use the list as known valid information to target. This is why Do Not Track for phones works for legitimate US companies, but is a giant target for out of country scams (which often run through various Caller ID hacks/spoofs or through VoIP distribution to be local to the caller's number). Targeted advertisements, such as "browser has an IP from within X state" or "people connected through this group of cell towers", are fine and don't build data on you (though it is temporarily available data that is currently tracked as well). Targeted advertisements, such as "show to people over 40" when you're logged into FaceBook or Google after giving them your birthdate, are fine and don't build further data on you (though "don't show me targeted advertisements" should be an option on a platform like those). Tracking, on the other hand, is different. Tracking is when they say "person x visited y website and clicked on things relating to z topic" and "same person x was also in location y using cell service z" and a database is built about everything about you, where you go when, what you buy where, and not just what you've handed over already (such as the birthdate above). There's actually a few early famous tracking bits related to Target predicting pregnancy and targeting new mom adverts to people before they even knew they were pregnant…and that was just based on one store's information via rewards card, not the vastly larger amount of tracked information that a google, facebook, or one of the online data brokers have for you.
  8. justpoet

    Public Service Announcement: Crashplan Changes!!!

    This is great for local backup, but the NAS should backup to someplace remote as well…be it another NAS in another location, or a cloud service.
  9. Well, nice to see them update to the newer i9 from the older one they'd already put in. Easy change that makes sense, since it wasn't like intel had chips to buy in bulk for savings previously anyway, which could've had a backlog of parts to finish using. I'm with you. However, I do want to point out that there are actually a bunch of really cool and useful things using the touch bar these days. Not only is it cool for things like amateur editing (scrubbing, context sensitive tool bars, etc), unlike those that are shortcut kings in their software of choice, but it is also useful for the n00bs rather than them thinking about function or alternative keys, and of course for other things like notifications so they don't get in the way of other things with overlays. Then there's third party products that serve additional use cases the touch bar can do, like the elgato stream deck. While you and I don't care to have a touch bar, and would rather have physical keys, that doesn't mean it is just a gimmick, even if the majority of users won't do much with either it or physical f-keys. rant/ What I really want is something none of the manufacturers will ever do again though, as it would only make them money once in a while (especially considering the high price this would require)...an actual PRO laptop. Solid construction (ruggedization like the original iBook or the old ToughBook lines would be welcome), a multi-use bay that can have either a m.2 raid or spinning disk or optical writer or extra battery (making this portion swapable, even if not the full capacity) or multi card reader inserted, the full array of ports (ethernet, USB A, USB C, thunderbolt, HDMI, display port, audio, and a bonus for something like eSATA and Firewire…screw dongles and adapters). With including those, it would be thick enough to properly cool a good CPU and graphics chip too. Have a "battery conservation" mode that cuts clocks and core count aggressively to get semi-acceptable life (perhaps also integrated GPU only at that point as well, if the chip has one), a normal mode with everything on but doing the usual power management dance to allow for battery use and charging, and also a "full power" mode that will suck as much juice as it wants out of the wall, only while plugged in (drops back to "normal" while charging or on battery), so multiple power bricks aren't needed, even if the brick needs multiple USB-C plugs taking multiple ports on the laptop to push enough power into it (or just use an actual power port…what a novel concept). Bonus if it is a 4k display in a similar size to the old 17", but with a larger display thanks to thinner bezels, so 4k wouldn't be completely wasted (also makes 2k and 1080p easy via pixel doubling, so they don't look like utter crap on an LCD). So, yeah. Pipe dreams. But, that's what I want, rather than something ultra portable. My laptop spends 90% of its life in clamshell mode anyway (closed, just running my external display and the like). But, since that product doesn't exist, I'll probably just use my current laptop until it doesn't run, and eventually build up a workstation, then get pissed off that I don't have the right files in the right places when I want to get down to work. LOL /rant
  10. justpoet

    Public Service Announcement: Crashplan Changes!!!

    I used them back when they did CrashPlan Pro, then when they switched to CrashPlan Home and CrashPlan Enterprise, I had a perpetual Home license. That allowed for tweaking of those (default ignored) lists, and I backed up to another location of my own instead of paying for their cloud service. They stopped offering CrashPlan Home quite a while ago now, and officially killed all remaining support to allow those running it to keep doing so about a year ago. For the less techy that were using it and their cloud, I highly recommend BackBlaze (which is what I put my mom on with all of her photos, along with a local backup too). For the more tech savy, Duplicati is an open source backup program, and it can back up to all kinds of back ends from S3/Glacier/BackBlazeB2 to just about any other method (I use secure ftp over ssh and pre-shared keys, to another machine of mine in another state).
  11. justpoet

    New Keyboard from Ducky, "Ducky Freedom"

    If the 2.4 wireless is referencing wifi, count me out. WiFi (even the upcoming WPA3) is so insecure it is laughable, as are most small hardware implementations (such as this and IoT devices). Put that together and you'd basically be asking for wireless remote key logging. That being said…an optical switch is probably my next keyboard once I finish wearing out these old keyboards I'm currently on.
  12. justpoet

    HP Enterprise to Acquire Cray Inc for $1.3B

    Sort of. If it were the case that HP Enterprise was pretty much just Intel, that would be the case. However, HP Enterprise actually has entire lines of EPYC only server platforms (though also the same for Intel and ARM). This probably helps further HPE's AMD proliferation even faster, but it isn't the same impact for AMD as if Dell (who has almost nothing for AMD offerings) bought Cray.
  13. justpoet

    Bethesda removes DRM from Rage 2 after just two days

    I, for one, don't buy products with DRM anymore. It does limit my choices quite a lot, but I refuse to be treated like a criminal and then not be able to use a product later on when they're no longer supporting it.
  14. No, I'm saying that most people who have it just say "it works" and don't upgrade anything, because the mindset is "why spend ANY money on it when it is already fine?" They don't see it the same way we do. To them it is just like the washer and dryer. It is an appliance that works until it doesn't.
  15. justpoet

    First Person View RC Car Racing!!

    Fun video. I dig it. I did something similar off road with my truck here (though it is just a recording, not driven that way). This is the body that was used, which may make things easier for you, but it is discontinued, so may require some ebay'ing. But as you can see, on bumpy stuff, it also adds some shake by using the body as the mounting point. https://www.hobbytown.com/proline-blockbuster-video-body-clear-slash-slash-4x4-sc10-pro3426-00/p298360