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    Southern Russia
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    Gaming and programming.
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    i5 6600
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    8GB 1866Mhz
  • GPU
    Radeon R9 M395 2GB
  • Case
    iMac 27”
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    2TB Fusion Drive
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    iMac 5k 27”
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    2X iMac 27” 2015 Air Cooler
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    Razer Cynosa Pro
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    Razer Deathadder Cynosa Pro
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    HyperX Cloud Core 5.1
  • Operating System
    macOS 10.14 Developer Beta

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  1. If 400w is recommended it is more than enough. Maybe a bit of overclocking as well.
  2. I would get the SE - more functionality, better colors.
  3. In my city for 100 bucks you can get a used RX 580 8gb. If I were you, I would save up.
  4. Thank you, I am going to make the water cooling standoffs a bit loose and try like that. If it doesn’t work even like that, I’m going to check the pins on the mobo
  5. I am pretty sure the CPU is done since there’s no CPU error showing up. Should I try to use intel uhd graphics to try get into BIOS? P.S My computer turns on (there’s even rgb going) but there’s no DisplayPort input detected by the monitor
  6. I was recently building my new system but occurred a LOT of problems. Small ones I figured out myself, but these... I desperately need help from you guys! Problem 1: DRAM Error My motherboard is z390 godlike by MSI (it has a small OLED screen on it that shows if something’s wrong). So any time I turn the PC on, there’s a DRAM error. The ram modules are fully compatible on G.skill’s website and msi says it’s not actually compatible with 9900k, but it does support the same ones but in a different color. Should I try clearing cmos or smth? I tried reseating the RAM and tried A1,A2,B1,B2. The dram light is also shining red. No beeping sound which is good. Problem 2: No DP input on the monitor. I have an Asus PG258q. When I turn it on, there’s no input detected. I’m using a DisplayPort cable connected to the GPU (not the mobo, which is a common mistake). My GPU is an RTX 2080 TI Lightning Z. Maybe try a different port on the GPU or try with HDMI? This is probably the worst thing cause it doesn’t let me get into the BIOS. Problem 3: usb devices not detected. When I connect my keyboard either to the front panel or to the mobo the keyboard won’t light up. Maybe because there’s no monitor input? Specs: i9 9900k MSI Z390 Godlike MSI RTX 2080 TI Lightning Z NZXT Kraken x62 NZXT H700i 1tb Samsung 970 pro 32gb Intel optane 2TB seagate barracuda HDD 1x NZXT internal usb hub ThermalTake iRGB 1250w PSU (80+ Titanium) Memory: G.Skill Trident Z Royal [F4-4000C19D-32GTRS] Please help!
  7. Issue with F4-4000C19D-32GTRS Yesterday I finished my build, everything was buttery smooth except the RAM. The RAM sticks don’t light up when the system’s booting and the motherboard detects a DRAM error. I tried all of the slots and there’s a red light near all of them. Today I tried to reseat it and try each stick individually but it didn’t help. Motherboard: z390 meg godlike P.S And yes, it’s compatible on MSI’s website. SOS!
  8. It is enough but I do not recommend THAT especially if it’s a Corsair AIO. Consider NZXT M22.
  9. @Skiiwee29 @fasauceome thanks for the help guys, appreciate it. Will consider the Dark Rock Pro.
  10. People on Toms recommend the x62 but I heard DRP4 performs better.
  11. What should I get: Kraken x62, DRP4, NH-D15 or TT Riing 360mm? @fasauceome @BuckGup @Skiiwee29 @Enderman @Juniiii
  12. Custom loop I won’t do, don’t want to be my mobo destroyed by a leak, plus, I don’t have the opportunity to change the water every year or so. The best solutions I found are: DRP4, x62, TT 360mm AIOs, and the Noctua 15 ofc. @fasauceome @BuckGup @Skiiwee29 @Enderman
  13. Hello! Right now I am building a new system with an overclocked core i9 9900k (5Ghz) and I’ve been wondering which AIO should I get? Or maybe a DRP 4 will do the job? Thank you. Albert