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  1. Unfortunately not, you need to boot into windows AFAIK.
  2. Well while we are at it you could update your system & chipset drivers too. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z87-G43#down-driver&Win10 64 EDIT: You need to use your old CPU tho.
  3. True, but since the Windows 10 installation fails we are in a pickle Your best bet is to reinstall the BIOS + ME i guess. And after that try to install windows 10.
  4. Well you could just download the version 1.5 BIOS + ME and install through USB again OR you could try to reinstall the current BIOS + ME. Some people have been successful with a reinstall. EDIT: you could also try you previous CPU and see if it boots fine.
  5. Well hello there. I have zero experience with particular displays BUT i found an interesting review for you -> That might help a little.
  6. Yea, somebody had the same issue and it went away after a few reboots so. And since your BIOS sees all 8Gb the problem is in Windows or some BIOS settings. Hard to say since you have pretty much tried everything. Hopefully it'll just start working
  7. Yes, they should sound better overall. You should wait for more answers tho.
  8. I didn't find anything special, only thing i can suggest is to clear the pagefile, but that requires a regedit.
  9. Ugh, you could try to reinstall Audition CC X.X , you'll lose your preferences tho.
  10. Well, for the time being just uncheck the boxes in advanced options (if they are checked) and reboot.
  11. Nope. I'll see if i can find something about that.
  12. Audio Hardware -> Device Class -> From MME to WASAPI.
  13. That's normal. You could try to uncheck and check it again for good measure since you rebooted. I'm not sure why Windows doesn't let you use all of your RAM.
  14. I guess you already tried to change the device class to WASAPI?
  15. Hmmm, and the box said something like 8192?
  16. You could try going to Windows settings/privacy settings/microphone and look at the setting that allows apps to access the microphone, if disabled set to "on" That is the first solution i found, but this happened after an Windows 10 update.
  17. When you reboot either spam F12 or DELETE, it should read somewhere in the boot screen how to get to BIOS.
  18. Well not really, also does your BIOS see all 8Gb?
  19. Well you could check msconfig -> boot -> advanced options -> untick and tick back the maximum memory then save and see if all of the 8Gb is now usable.
  20. Okay, that might explain why you saw them. Hopefully they don't bother you too much!
  21. Best bang for the buck in my opinion.
  22. Np, also how far away do you sit from your monitor?