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  1. Well, I checked and its double nat. Unfortunately my isp is brushing me off entirely regarding this (guessing they dont have requests like this much).Ill look into zero tier and hopefully something comes of it. Help was much appreciated.
  2. I had a friend who's in the it field try to connect to it, I've tried on mobile data and I used the port tester.Just public ip.
  3. Its possible its a double nat situation from what I read from the internet.I really wish I could tell you more about connection type but the isp ran a cable through my wall to my router.I have literally no clue as to anything more.Regular copper cable with an rj45 jack.They mentioned its fiber when they were installing it.
  4. I made sure it has a reserved ip and I tried 22;9000;9001;1200;1201;1;20 and a whole bunch more ports.Its just that all the ports are closed and I cant get them to open up.
  5. Walk of shame to the ltt forums for yet another failed project. Im trying to have my rpi 4 be ssh accessible from outside my local network. I opened ports on my router for the pi's local ip (reserved it too). I thought my isp may have a firewall or in some way be blocking ports so I contacted them.They responded saying they do nothing of the sort and all ports should be accessible. Trying the ports with a port checker yields no results, they all come back closed. Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. No audio device shows up there other than the laptop's built in speakers
  7. Hello everyone, I have the following issue with my lenovo y700 : When I boot up the laptop and connect headphones, earbuds or any audio device via the 3.5 jack it works fine.When I remove the device and plug it in again the laptop stops outputting to speakers ( I guess it detects something is connected ) but does not output anything to the audio device ether. I tried reinstalling the audio drivers and updating windows to the latest version. Any advice?
  8. There was a way to run ubuntu just from the usb stick, thats my plan for the moment. run from usb -> recover data -> clean install of win 10 (hopefully)
  9. Thanks, Im downloading ubuntu as Ive had previous success with it . *fingers crossed*
  10. My parents are old and don't understand the concept...
  11. Hello Everyone! I have the following issue: I have an old acer v5-572g running win7 (belongs to my parents) it has priceless documentation it so Im extra careful and thought Id check in for some advice.On boot it gave a black screen (after the lockscreen).I proceeded to restart it a few times and it began running updates.Initially got stuck at 100%, left it there for an hour or so but nothing was happening so another restart.Now stuck at 35%.I need some advice in getting all the data off of it.Ill install win 10 on the thing but Id really like to get into the os to retrieve the data.
  12. Retested again with bd prochot off and it died out at 99C at the gpu, I agree with you 1000%. Im gonna take your suggestion and try to under volt it for now and Im gonna look at liquid metal later on.I think the issue stems from the upgrade from the pentium b960 to the i5.It's probably overwhelming the cooler.In any case, thank you very very much for showing me the light, its very much appreciated!
  13. https://pastebin.com/CpkJaLXS So the tldr of my experimenting is that mod and chip values were locked at 100, clock dips were from 3ghz to 800mhz and at regular intervals.I haven't done any loging with ts before so I hope what I did is useful in some way.
  14. Asking myself the same question.Mine has badly stripped screws, as soon as I get those off Im going to change the thermal paste and play around with new bioses for it and oc the hell out of it mine is an evga 560ti btw
  15. Would it not cut the turbo boost first and then lower clock speed? I ran it on the bed just to starve it for air and it still did ok I think.