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    AMD Ryzen 7 4700u
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    8gb 3200 Crucial
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    Amd Vega 8
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    512gb name m.2 ssd
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    27-Inch 1080p samsung monitor
    34-inch 1080p lg ultrawide monitor
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    Redragon Kumara
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    Redragon Griffin
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    Bluetooth Speaker
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Acer Aspire 5

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  1. So I have a monitor running off a usb to hdmi adapter thats says it can run at 1080p 60. But I did a refresh rate/reponse time test and turns out, it's stuck at 30hz even though I selected 60hz in the settings. Help Please Thanks, William
  2. @Mel0nManI don't know what setting I had on but I reset my monitor settings and it fixed itself.
  3. @Mel0nMan I just adjuested the settings but it still goes to sleep when I close the lid.
  4. So I have an acer aspire 5 and I have an lg ultrawide monitor that i use with it. It works great while the laptop lid is open, but I want to clean up my desk and im now only using the ultrawide. My problem though is I can't get the laptop to not go to sleep when I close the lid. I've gone into the power settings and told the computer to donothing when the lid is closed, I can't figure it out. Help Please. Thanks, William
  5. So I have a several year old 1080p projector with vga and component inputs. I want to use a sound bar alongside a fire tv stick. What's my best course of action? I have tried using an hdmi splitter at the back to connect one cord to my projector using an hdmi adapter, and a 30ft. hdmi cord running to the front of my room to plug in to the soundbar. I would like to use hdmi as a sound bar input as it provides the best experience. Help Please. Thanks, William Stephenson
  6. @Moonzythe power bank outputs 20v at 2.25 amps, not sure what my laptop voltage is but the factory charger is 19.5v at 2.31 amps. I dont know if that will be a problem.
  7. I have a dell inspiron 13 5000 from a few yars ago with a 4.5 mm barrel port and no usb c. I have a battery bank with a usb c port with 45w output (the minimum charging wattage for my laptop is 45 w). is there a quality adapter from usb c female to 4.5 mm barrel male so I can use my battery to charge my laptop. Thanks.
  8. Is it a repairable hardware problem, or what. I just need to know the best course of action.
  9. It stays conectec for about an hour then says there is no internet for 5 minutes, the the wifi just dissapears. I checked with other devices and its a tablet problem.
  10. The tablet is a model that can use a sim card but I don't use one with it. I've tried restarting the tablet and reseting the network settings (which includes wifi, bluetooth, nfc, etc.)
  11. So I have a galaxy tab a 2018 10.5, I've had it for a few months and it's worked just fine until now. Any time I connect to the internet, about an hour later it says internet is not available and then won't connect to the internet unless I reset network settings. Help please.
  12. I'm looking into getting a Samsung galaxy a80, but I have sprint. Does it work with sprint or is there a way for it to work with sprint?
  13. I recently bought a galaxy watch 46mm and I need to know if a 42mm watchband will fit. I have access to free 42mm watch bands and would prefer not to buy another.