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  1. It's in! Everything went smoothly I moved the 120mm fan to the top of the case so it pushes air out of the system.
  2. I will have to check that for you, I'll keep you posted
  3. Scraped the stock thermal paste of and used some better quality stuff to begin with. Good call tho
  4. I am getting a AIO next Monday, but thanks for the heads up!
  5. Thanks for the heads up, I want the system to stay as cool as possible so I will opt for a mild overclock anyways. With the stock cooler I am not hitting 80c in games. I'll determine what clocks suits best after running aida64.
  6. I plan to overclock the CPU, free performance is always good right.
  7. Thank you! That means a ton. The AIO is comming this Monday, I'll keep you posted! I could fit a tripple one but opted for a double one (I know silly me) but I will gladly keep you posted on the end result!
  8. Hi guys and gals, This is my current gaming rig (aio In comming). Don't mind the desk as it is pretty scuffed and will be replaced this year. Build Ryzen 5 2600 Msi b350 pc mate 16 gb corsair vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT Cooler master MWE gold 750w Full modular Case : corsair carbide series 275R
  9. The options above are great, but how about an Ryzen 5 1600X or even a 1600? I am not familiar with the prices in the us/canada but where I live its a great value for the price!
  10. Update : I formatted the hdd and the system is up and running! Thanks for all the tips!
  11. Alrighty, so first things thirst. Step 1 : plug in the ssd and install windows on it step 2 : shut down and insert the hdd step 3 : your post?
  12. That clears things up for me, thanks!
  13. Alrighty, do you have a tutorial of some sort that i can follow. Would be helpfull for me!
  14. 120gb ssd and a 2tb seagate barracuda, plenty for me. But if I understand correctly I can just plug it in, but do I have to instal windows to my ssd first?
  15. So i can just plug it in when i installed windows on my new ssd? Can I Format it in the bios? As i said i am super duper new to this stuff haha. I might try this tho! Thanks for your response
  16. Hi guys, I recently started building my new pc. I am new to this kind of stuff so I ask you tech loving guys for some help! For my new build I will be storing windows on my new ssd, but I have an old harddrive that I want to keep using. However my os is still on it. So my question is how do i completely wipe the hdd so i can keep using it? I hope you guys can help me out! Yours sincerely, A new pc enthausiast