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  1. The Mi 9T has been ordered. Thank you for your advice and support! (especially huilun02)
  2. after reading your post now I'm starting to get unsure if I really want the mi 9T again. About the DAC, the Mi 9T has an overlooked feature. It has a high-quality headphone DAC that can be used when activating "Hi-Fi mode." Also, the Mi 9T should have way better battery life, as it has a bigger battery and a lower-res screen. Besides, at that screen size, I don't think I'll be able to tell the difference. Plus, if I downscale the display in order to save battery life, what's the point of getting a 1440p phone? Also, it would be nice if I had 128gb of internal storage. I appreciate the micro SD slot, but I'm pretty sure micro SD is currently slower than ufs storage. However, the stereo speakers are nice, and the better cameras are also nice. Which do you think is better? Bigger screen with better battery life, or better specs?
  3. I've decided to get the mi 9t. Dave Lee convinced me.
  4. Sorry, I just read your signature. I listed my needs above.
  5. I agree with you; I should've done that earlier. I edited the main post so that it shows my needs.
  6. Oh, I should've stated how much they cost. I edited the main post; now it shows the costs.
  7. I'm in the market for a new smartphone. I've narrowed my options down to two phones: the Xiaomi Mi 9T (NOT the pro model) and the Galaxy S9+. Which do you think I should get? I checked the LTE bands, and the 9T is sufficient for my area. The 9T is $289.99 on AliExpress (128gb) The S9+ is $279.99 refurbished on eBay (64gb) Also, if you think I should get something else, my budget is around $300 or $300 or less. My current phone is the Moto G5 Plus. The reason why I'm getting a new phone is because part of the screen is shattered, because I dropped it a week ago. I recognize that getting the glass replaced is cheaper, but my phone has other issues as well. There are white dots on the screen itself, due to water getting inside of it. Therefore, I thought getting a newer, better phone would be better than getting the screen and glass of my current phone replaced. I use my phone for web browsing, texting, calling, listening to music, and watching video. Therefore, a phone with a nice big screen would be nice. Also, I would like the phone to have a headphone jack, though I could live without it. Also, I will probably use this phone to record videos with the rear camera, because I want to start making videos for YouTube. As for the selfie camera, I rarely takes selfies, but I sometimes do video calls, so having a good selfie camera would be a bonus. I mainly use a fingerprint sensor for unlocking, but face unlock would be nice (if it was fast). I would like this phone to have a long battery life, at least for a full day of use. I don't really game on my phone, but I might stream games over the internet or on my local network from my PC. I intend to use this phone for at least a few years.
  8. Ok, thanks for the advice. I'm going to get a 3600 with a B450 Tomahawk.
  9. Ok. Thank you for helping me! You've probably helped me the most in choosing which CPU I should get. You were very helpful and I can't thank you enough! ? Thank you to everyone else who helped me as well!
  10. Maybe even a 1TB HDD, if you don't have that many games or large files. If you have a lot of things you need to store, then you should get a 2TB one.
  11. I agree. If you still want an HDD for bulk storage, I would recommend getting a 120-256 GB SSD for the OS and getting a 2TB HDD. When getting an SSD, make sure to get one with DRAM cache. It will have better performance and better longevity than a cheaper SSD that doesn't have a DRAM cache.
  12. Phew. So is the Ryzen's "40%" increase in performance come from the fact that is has 12 threads? I trust that you're not an AMD employee, I'm just asking where that fact came from so that I can fact-check it. I'm not doubting you or anything, I'm just saying. I think I'll be getting the Ryzen then, as it is cheaper and seems to be a better value compared to the i5. I never expected this many replies this quickly. Thank you for all your support!
  13. Sorry, I would like to ask where you got that 40 percent statistic from? I apologize if it feels like I'm wasting your time or if I'm being rude, I'm just worried that you might be someone that's payed by AMD or is an employee for AMD. Also, my ram speed is 2400 mhz. Will that make a significant performance decrease if I use the Ryzen?
  14. Okay. I checked geekbench, and the Ryzen has a higher multi core score while the I Intel has a higher single core score. Also, according to userbenchmark, the Ryzen has a higher percentage for "workstation." Third means that the i5 probably is better than the Ryzen for gaming, while the Ryzen is better for 3d modeling, correct? Also, I have 2400 mhz ram. How will that affect the performance of the Intel and the Ryzen?