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Black Jake

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  1. Black Jake

    Long ethernet cable vs 3-4 WiFi bars

    Damn that's pretty deep. Thank you buddy
  2. Black Jake

    Long ethernet cable vs 3-4 WiFi bars

    Is there like a Ethernet/Coax Adapter or something ? Sorry i don't know much about it i only know Cat 5 cable
  3. Black Jake

    Long ethernet cable vs 3-4 WiFi bars

    Damn , didn't expect such a fast answers , thank you so much guys
  4. Hi everyone , hope you're doing fine. I'm new in this forum and it's my first time ever signing up in a forum so i hope i'm not asking in the wrong category. So i'm connecting with a Wireless USB Adapter (TP Link TL-WN822N) for like 3 years now , the thing is that the distance between the modem and my PC are 3 floors (My room is on the 3th floor from one side , and the modem is on the first floor from the other side of the house) i'm not that good at explaining so i hope you get it . I was wondering if i'll have a better connection with a 60m-70m ethernet cable than my 4 WiFi bars ? And will the length of the cable affect too much on the internet speed or something ? Thank you. (Sorry for grammar mistakes)