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  1. Thanks Delicieuxz I heard about this through the MS thread where you recently posted a reference https://answers.microsoft.com/threadauth/603be1d3-b4c5-415a-9094-db0e9d3fc9ab/messages/a88ce533-2d51-4191-87db-ae6f9ce77fd9 I think I will be most interested in your firewall suggestions - that seems to be a good sledgehammer approach. Was not able to reply to you there - I must have hit a sore point for MS as I seem to have been deactivated for posting and all my previous posts have been stripped from the thread. They put up with a lot of verbal abuse there so I am inclined to think that they did not like my recent posts advocating some kind of a github/open source model where we would keep track of all the known fixes and they would be documented, voted upon, given a timeline and all the other tricks that would enable us to identify what was currently working and for whom. Really I was making the point that a forum thread is not the best way to document because new comers regurgitate older posts and so just like urban myths its difficult to remove the old and disproved and keep the proven highlighted and at the top. Perhaps MS fear protestors getting organised and grouping talent and technical know-how in a more organised way. Whatever I did not swear or add links yet I seem to have been wiped from the thread. I will get back under a different identity.