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  1. Quickie update! I ditched the red plastic from VRM to get more sexier look
  2. Today I got the package that I have been waiting for. ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 motherboard arrived so I could test how everything would fit MB is perfect with it's color scheme and layout. Only thing that sticks to my eye is that weird plastic on top of VRM cooler that is different shade of red. Alphacool block fits like a glove to the build After small test fit it was obvious that the motherboard left even more room than I could ever use [/sarcasm] Luckily pump/reservoir combo left more room than that I expected Next update will follow within few days, just need to clarify couple plans before announcing anything Question time! What does this magnificent piece has to do with this project?
  3. Started test fitting the WC stuff today as I decided to get XT45 instead of ST30 for top rad. Good thing I did that because front rad was about 2mm too high so top rad wouldn't fit on its place. Warning! Following pictures in this thread may seem like brutal handling of the chassis and components. Some components were harmed during the project. Only thing that was possible to do was removing the floor plate Also as the front rad configuration changed from push to pull, those sticking screws had to go too as rad was going to be mounted straight to chassis this time. And now everything is sitting on their own places like they should After confirming that rads fitted I headed for fan collar and slim fans I had this kind of mod planned last time but I didn't have time then. Plan is to disassemble the fans from their chassis and mount them directly to my fan collars Like this. It might be harder to do than i thought as the slim fans had different kind of mounting than i anticipated. So this will be a totally separate update This is it for now. But I still need to rant of my loan camera, Sony A350. It is probably the worst DSLR that I ever had on my hands and believe me, I've had older and cheaper ones. Focus is something from a amateur grade Ö horror movie and the lens is so dark that I had hands full of work to get them adjusted to even to this grade. Lastly a quick pic of my temporary workspot in my extra/storage room
  4. Decided to stop looking for my old 3D model files and to make them again. Here are pictures of the current rough model. Better pictures of watercooling stuff and fitting of them are coming today or tomorrow
  5. Markkedi

    Project "SL5t"

    Awesome build! Do You happen to know Peter from Asrock? I'm getting the same board from Him
  6. This is awesome! p.s. Nyt on komea pöytä
  7. Well this is insanely well made and good looking project to follow! Congrats for the sponsor!
  8. Hello again! It's time for new project, this time modding my previously made chassis from few years back and it can be found HERE. It seems that all metalwork pictures are broken in there but I will fix them in near future, but for now you can find all the pictures in here Picture gallery of Project [No Name] As I said the chassis will stay the same and here are pictures of the original plans with dimensions and the finished product. Plans for the current reboot build are fitting an ASRock X99 motherboard, two GPU's and full custom watercooling for GPU's and CPU. I have been planning this for few months now and I have managed to get ASRock, Aquatuning, Alphacool and Phobya to sponsor this project! ASRock is giving Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 motherboard for this project! Aquatuning, Alphacool and Phobya sent their first care package later this week and this is what I got Sorry for low quality pictures, camera is broken so bare with me for little while Alphacool Eisdecke top and tank are so nice looking and just perfect size for this project with Alphacool VPP755 pump This is it for now PROJECT SPONSORED BY
  9. I have decided to go full on impossible with this project. Motherboard will be full ATX! And first sponsor will be ASRock! MB is ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7! ATX board fits in without a millimeter of spare space in lenght
  10. Yeah Manufactures are just over protective, nothing bad has ever happened from keeping bare conductors etc. in plain sight
  11. SFX psu is an valid option but i'm planning on using normal sized as there is more to chose from and it gives me challenge I might just chop a normal psu if room gets too nifty
  12. I'm sorry as I wasn't clear enough. I'm not buying a case as I already have my DIY case that im going to use in this project, i was just wondering if someone has seen such a small case that has smaller or same dimensions as mine? Most matx cases that can fit those components are way bigger than what i'm talking about Here is a picture for reference of the scale that i'm talking about.
  13. Hello again! After few years I'm back with crazy plans! My last build Project [No Name] was successful in parts that I needed. This time I'm going to use the same chassis except ramping it up a notch. Plan is to get SLI, full custom loop watercooling with two 240mm rads, matx size motherboard into my case that is measured from outside W 315mm x L 389mm x H 168mm. Question is that has anyone seen this kind of configuration with these dimensions? If you have any questions, please ask and I will try to answer them UPDATE: matx MB has changed to full ATX board!
  14. Well, just need to teach the kids not to push all the buttons they see
  15. I got one Phobya Vandal switch yesterday and now I'm thinking of putting switches in the upper right corner on the front. And thanks for the motherload of internets, my family can now survive solely with internets through the winter